Five Tips for Traveling During Christmas


Jessie Van Den Berg, Editor

Presents, trees, and ornaments. These are some things that represent the holidays. But, as most people love and await this holiday season, what you don’t normally think about is the chaos of traveling.

Airports are crazy, last minute tickets are hard to find being sold out at every airline, and tickets are highly expensive. Not only this but, flights can get delayed or worse canceled. So to keep your holidays positive and smooth when traveling here are 5 tips when you are starting your winter vacation.

  1. Avoid peak travel times

When you are planning your trip and purchasing your tickets you will notice that certain days have a higher or lower price. That is not a coincidence. Leaving a few days before Christmas may be more expensive than leaving on Christmas Eve or day. So, check out different airlines for the different peak travel points and try your best to avoid them.

  1. Carry on intelligently

Guess what, your flight just got delayed another two hours, and now you’re stuck. Well, not if you have a well-packed carry-on. And, by that I mean you have toiletries, medicine, extra change of clothes, maybe some gum, batteries, and your electronic device chargers. This way you are prepared for anything. Better to be stuck at an airport being prepared than not.

  1. Leaving Early

The earlier you leave equals less stress. Why? What difference does leaving early in the morning compare to leaving at 3 pm? Well, there are many benefits. First, you get to spend more time awake and exploring once you arrive at your destination. Secondly, you will most likely have a smaller crowd of people trying to get on flights at 8 or 9 am.

  1. Plan Ahead!

By planning ahead you are preparing yourself for the worst. You are then calm if an uh-oh situation does occur. And, there is always going to be normal good flights during the holidays but, now you the tools for any encounter.

  1. Breath

Just breath you are on your way home or to a wonderful place for a vacation and everything is going to work out. Just be kind because others might be feeling the same way you are. When life at the airport gives you lemons make lemonade. Enjoy yourself, and Happy Holidays from the Canyon Echoes staff.