Why It’s Better to Adopt a Pet From a Shelter


Emma Ross, Reporter

Everyone loves pets right? Just look at their faces. But what if I told you that after 72 hours in the pound dog being put to sleep. And what if I told you 1.5 million shelter animals are euthanized per year in the U.S. Luckily, Austin has laws about euthanized and how it’s banned. Still, there’s still a lot of dogs on the streets. I‘m going to be listing all the reasons you should adopt (or even foster) from a shelter.



    1. Because it will cost you less

It cost up to 1,000 dollars to buy a dog from a breeder. That is a lot of money for one dog. And then when you add expenses for food, dog bowls, a leash, grooming, vet it gets pretty high. But it only cost ( about ) 50 to 250$ to adopt a dog from a shelter.

  1.       You’re getting a great dog

These animals have lost a home. Lost someone to love them. When you adopt, you give them a place to call home and someone to love. These animals just want someone to love and they love them back. Even fostering them can help save them.

  1.       You can protect dogs against puppy mills

I won’t go into many details but basically, a puppy mill is a place sort of like a farm that treats puppies or dogs like livestock. Just writing about it makes me sick. When you buy a dog from a pet store chances are there were from a puppy mill. And if you buy a dog from a pet store you are mostly benefiting the puppy mills and you let the puppy mills keep running.

So I want you to think next time you see a cute puppy at the pet store, think about adoption. Or when you beg your parents for a puppy or kitty for Christmas, go to a local shelter and pick out a maybe slightly older dog or cat and save a life.