Quick STAC questions


Claire Lawrence, Reporter

I do a student-teacher advice column, and some of the questions we’ve received are simple enough to answer without a separate article. So without further ado, here is the quick question lightning round.


Can 6th graders be a part of Canyon Echoes?

Canyon Echoes is the main platform for the NewsMedia class you can take in grades 7 and 8. Next year if you choose the elective, then yes, you can. However, 6th graders don’t have the option.


How do I get self-confidence?

There’s no definite answer to this, as you can’t suddenly achieve self-confidence. In order to be confident, go easy on yourself. Remember that you should be proud of what you’ve tried to do, not what you can’t. If you’ve done our best, just know that there’s nothing you can do for the moment, and be proud of the effort you’ve used to do it.


Why do some schedules require you to walk from one end of the school to another end?

Although most classes are separated by grade, many electives are in their own wing of the school. Everyone has a different schedule, and it would be impossible to make a layout that works for every student. There is a 4-5 minute passing period that should allow you to get to your class in time. It may seem annoying, but there’s not much that can be done. If you are having trouble getting to a class, speaking to a counselor can help you figure out a better route or schedule that fits your needs.


What are habits when you’re in a CHALLENGING MATH class like Algebra 1 in seventh grade?

Study, study, study! Even in times where there’s no test or quiz, (and there almost always is) just keep studying. Find out the unit and watch videos and practice on Kahn Academy, and constantly review homework. These classes can be hard, so try to eliminate any procrastination in your life. Although relaxing is necessary, make sure that you are constantly on top of your math. Hoping you do good while watching T.V. or playing video games won’t help.


Why does Canyon Vista stink so bad?

Although this question is a joke, its good that you know that Canyon Vista is a very privileged school that many kids would love to go to. Most students are well behaved here compared to other schools and you get a very good education. If you think that it “stinks” that is because you are not pushing yourself to have a good education.

And that is all of them! Thank you to everyone who submitted a question. get your question answered in future articles here.