Fun Things to Do Over Your Winter Break


Jessie Van Den Berg, Editor

Winter break allows for many fun and festive things. You may have your yearly traditions or maybe trying something new. If you get stuck, here are some exciting things to do.

Ice Skating
Ice skating is available at Chaparral Ice and Whole Foods Market (Lamar store). Chaparral Ice even has different sports on ice, for example, they are having Dodgeball this Saturday. So, you could be a first timer, or ready to play some dodgeball.

Decorating sugar cookies
Baking, in general, is a fun thing to do, but when it’s the holidays, people go crazy! One thing that isn’t too hard to do is making cookies. You could just decorate them, actually bake sugar cookies and make them look like reindeer. The list could go on, just Google and Pinterest till you find the right cookie for you, and try to attempt it.

Going to the Trail of Lights
The trail of lights is in Zilker Park and it is a showstopper. Different sections of stories like Mickey and the gang, all the Disney Princesses, etc. The whole place is covered in lights. They also offer hot cocoa along with many tasty food trucks. Living in Austin this is a must do during Christmas time.

Watching holiday classics
Gremlins, Elf, Home Alone, A Christmas Story, the list is never-ending. The amount of great Christmas movies out there is insane.  You can curl up in bed with some hot cocoa and cookies and watch either your favorite movie or a new one. The list to choose from is endless.

Going shopping for holiday gifts
This season is all about giving. Thinking about your loved ones and friends and repaying your gratitude to them with a gift. Anywhere in the world, there is a place or store that has the perfect gift for someone. So think hard and you will find yourself having a blast. Spending a day on the town getting gifts for people you care about and going out for a nice lunch. Sounds like a perfect day to me! For places to shop, you can try The domain or any indoor mall. I recommend the domain because it is a lot more pretty and has festive decor all around with lots of great stores.