Fortnite is Dying (ABOUT TIME)

I’m gonna say it (Again) right here and now. Fortnite is literally the worst game out there.


I’m gonna say it right here and now. Fortnite is literally the worst game out there. This game was trash from the start with an infinite army of 12-year-olds armed with their moms’ credit card, bad microphones, and even worse grammar. I won’t lie, I played that game once or twice, but I never really got into it. It really wasn’t that fun, even with friends playing with me.

So I have to ask, what makes this game so popular? It’s literally just a default shooter game, there is little to no originality, and it’s just boring in general. About 98 percent of the game is just randomly walking around, and the other 2 perecent is either fighting and looting. And don’t even talk to me about what effect this game has had on the internet… *Insert Shuddering Sound Here*

So it’s easy to tell that I’m on the side hoping Fortnite will die off now. Keep in mind I don’t think these reasons are the best, but if Fortnite goes down, I’m all for whoever.


So, a popular dance began making waves around the internet around the time Fortnite came out. It was known as the floss and was popularized by Russel Horning, a young teenager who invented the dance. Later on, Fortnite used the dance in the game, as one of its emotes, so, backpack kid is gonna sue Fortnite for “stealing” a dance move. I don’t know if copyright works that way, but whatever. So, essentially, other people are trying to sue Fortnite dances from wherever they came from. Some of them are dances some random kid made up, and some are actual things from movies and TV like dances from “The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air” again, I’m not saying suing Fortnite for stealing your dance moves is the smartest thing to do, but to the man who came up with that idea, GIVE HIM A MEDAL.


Fortnite’s fan community is more toxic. Ranging for the infamous “If you’re good, you’re a hacker” claim that many people make, to the “Stream Sniper Accusers” to the click baiters, To the hypebeasts with less brain matter than a cockroach with mental defects, Fortnite’s fan community is festering with terrible people.  Even worse, the fact that the chat system allows anyone to speak, and the fact that the game’s audience is mostly small children, means that impressionable kids might be exposed to some seriously disturbed people, and even online predators. Now, this is not the games fault, but it’s still a series issue when you think about it.


All games die eventually. Just, this one lasted… *Google Search* eight years more than it should have. It happened to Minecraft, a game with similar problems, and there’s no doubt it will happen to Fortnite soon.

In conclusion, Fortnite seems to be on its way out thanks to all of these factors. Good Riddance.