Top 6 Worst Smells on the Planet ?


We have all run into bad smells but have you ever wondered if anyone else has smelled something worse. We will be researching into some of the worst smells on the planet and honorable mentions that also smell pretty bad. We are here to adventure into the world of bad smells.

Number 6. Wet Dog

You just get home from walking your dog and you sit on the couch beside him, when a musky scent floats into your nose.  You know he is wet from prancing in the river, but why does he stink? This is because dogs have yeast and bacteria living in their fur. Get that yeast and bacteria wet and the result? Stinky wet dog.

Number 5. Garbage

You’re just minding your own business, doing your chores when a deadly scent wanders into your nose. You cringe in disgust but what is that smell? You wander over to take out the trash and the smell grows stronger, you realize the trash stinks but why? Rotten and decomposing food and liquids can release molds and fungi dust into the air, poisoning it.

Number 4. Bad Breath

You’re talking to your friend and you suddenly notice a cringy smell is coming from your friend’s mouth. It begins to bother you but you don’t want to tell her. Why does it smell so bad? Bad smells from the mouth can come from eating smelly foods such as onions or garlic, but it can also come from something else. If you don’t clean your teeth properly they can begin to break down.

Number 3. Heated Gelatin

You are lounging around when you decide you want to make homemade jelly. You pick up the box and the instructions say to heat the gelatin until it becomes a liquid. You do so and discover it smells horrendous. What in the world could make something smell THAT BAD! Gelatin is made up of ground-up animal bones, so it smells pretty bad, mostly pig bone.

Number 2. Bodily Products

Whether its Armpits or sewage, it smells awful. Everyone has to deal with smells like these on a daily basis. So what makes it smell bad? Well, it comes out of your body or digestive track and is mixed with bodily acids to help you digest your food so the product probably doesn’t smell too great.

Number 1. Spoiled Milk

You start to feel hungry so you dawdle towards the fridge and you take out the milk to pour your cereal, when you tip it up, chunks of creamish stuff comes out. What the?! Then the smell hits you, ugh! You might have run into a situation like this and if you have you know what I’m talking about. Spoiled milk stinks, but why? When milk ages the Bacteria inside begin to break down the lactose, the smell is just a side effect.