CVMS Newsmedia Students Favorite Valentine Candy


Hershey with Valentines.

Aliyah Carter and Mehak Mehmi

What is your favorite Valentine candy? My favorite Valentine candy is sweethearts. Because I like reading them and eating them. I like giving them to people also. Now let’s go ask CVMS Newsmedia students what there favorite Valentine candies are?

Emma Ross (7): “I like Sweethearts because I like to read them and they make me feel good about myself.”

Lyla Boretz (8):  “I like boxes of chocolates and Sweethearts because I love chocolate and I think the Sweethearts are cute.”

Hannah McDonough (7): “Lollipops because they taste good.”

Evalabia Konstantinou (7):  “Any candy except for Twizzlers.”

Nikita Raman (8): “Anything with chocolate because I love chocolate over anything.”

Janani Sivakumar (8): “Assorted chocolates that come in fancy boxes. I like them because they have different types of chocolate that are delicious.”

Mehak Mehmi (7): “Laffy Taffy because it tastes good.”

Here are some other students opinions: