Brawl Stars Explained: The Game Modes

Silas Ou, Reporter

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  • While Fortnite dominates the gaming scene, it seems a new gaming giant has emerged. Developed by Supercell, a Finnish company based in Helsinki.  The game they have created is Brawl Stars. It's been in beta for 1.5 years, and now the game is starting to gain popularity. In this school alone, I know around 50 people that play the game. So what is Brawl Stars? It's a mobile or PC game with a variety of modes. The easiest mode to explain is solo/duo showdown which is where either ten people or five teams of two people fight till there is one team or person left. The graphics are cartoony but nonetheless are still very detailed. If you can't picture the graphics then check out this image gallery.

  • The first game mode you will play in Brawl Stars is GemGrab. How Gem Grab works is that there is a gem generator in the middle of the map. If your team gets ten or more gems then a countdown starts. The enemy team has two ways to counter you. Get more gems than your team, or kill people that have gems. You know someones carrying gems from the symbol above the character. Respawn is allowed. Keep in mind this is a very general description of the game mode. As will the other ones.

  • This is pretty simple. Theres a goal, and a ball. You and your team need to score two goals to win. However,if it's 1-0,the team with one point wins. Its also 3v3. If you have the ball, then you cannot shoot. If you want to shoot, press the red button to shoot the ball. When you don't have the ball,you can shoot the other players on the enemy team. If the timer on the top of the screen reaches zero and no goal has been scored, overtime happens. Overtime destroys all cover making it easier to score goals.

  • This game mode is called Heist. Respawn is enabled (as always) and its 3v3(as always). The goal of the game, in my opinion, is really cool.  The goal of the game is too destroy the other teams safe. If none of them are destroyed at the end of the game, the team with the highest hp safe wins. If both safes are at 100% overtime happens until one of them are damaged. This is a very rare occurrence.

  • The game mode is called Bounty. To start off, respawn is enabled. Teams of three fight each other. There is a star in the middle and killing people gives you stars. whichever team has the most at the end wins. Strangely there are ties allowed in this game mode. The stars are in the top left/right corners of the screen.

  • Then there are ticketed events. In order to enter these events, you need to have tickets. You get these either from the shop or from brawl boxes. You can bet a certain amount using tickets. Let's say you use 10 tickets on one play. That means your rewards are multiplied by ten. When you're out of tickets, you can't play the event until you get some more. There are three ticketed events: Big Flip, Boss Fight and Robo Rumble

  • Robo rumble is really simple. A bunch of robots comes in waves until the timer hits 13:14. If it hits this point then you win. You have to defend your safe from the robots. Over time the robots deal more damage and have more hp. The robots are colored differently based on how strong they are. The longer your safe is alive the bigger your reward. There are however exploits. Respawn is enabled, but it takes ten seconds, unlike the usual three seconds.

  • Big Flip is where five hunters (with respawn) try to kill one boss as fast as possible (no respawn) There are two different roles in the mode. The hunter and the boss. As the hunter, you try to kill the boss as fast as possible. So kill it in as little time as possible. You have four people to help you. As the boss, you have 100,000 hp and a lot more damage. You lose hp over time (if not from the bosses) so death is inevitable. Survive for as long as you can.

  • The final ticketed event is Boss Fight. You keep fighting stronger and stronger bosses until you and your two partners die. If at least one or more of your teammates are alive, then the other two can respawn. If you all die before the others can respawn, then its GG.

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Note: If there are any flaws in this article it is probably because of the new Lunar New Year update or any other updates.