Airpods Are Useless


For people who don’t know what Airpods are, they are wireless Bluetooth headphones. Wireless headphones are nothing new.  Apple released wireless headphones along with the iPhone 7  Sept.7, 2016, two years ago. If that is the case then why is everyone going crazy for Airpods? Last time I checked Apple didn’t invent time travel.  Don’t get me wrong I have an iPhone 7 and I am satisfied with it (except for the lack of a headphone jack),  but I think we can all agree that Airpods are unnecessary. If you don’t yet, hear me out.


If you are looking to spend money on objects that will exhaust your wallet then I highly recommend Airpods are for you. As I mentioned earlier, Airpods are not the only option for Bluetooth headphones. Using a fun resource called Amazon, I found Bluebooth headphones that are $7.99   A fun fact is that my dad has these headphones and they work very well. He has found no issue with them, so there is that.

Why Airpods Are Unessesary

Apple doesn’t understand that everybody has different sized ears so for one person they might fit perfectly but for others, they fall out the second you take a step. They are advertised to stay in your ear but that doesn’t happen if you have rather large ears. There’s no volume control or pause button on the Airpods, which means that you either need to pull out your phone or talk to Siri in public (still awkward for most). A discreet tap on your standard headphone control is a more elegant solution that didn’t need to go anywhere. Even though the pieces that go into your ears don’t have wires. To actually, use them, you still need to put them in their box and plug the box into a power outlet to charge them, meaning they are not a wireless solution at all, they’ve just added a step.


Airpods are pointless. If you want to read more about the monstrosity that is these headphones click this link. So, in conclusion, don’t waste your money on pointless objects that you shove in your ears.