Reviewing 2019 Super Bowl Commercials


Emma Ross, Reporter

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past few days you would have probably have known about the 53rd annual Super Bowl. Personally, I think the super bowl was a mini flop, but I’m not trying to spill the tea. One thing I always love watching during the super bowl is the commercials. So today I’m going to be reviewing some of the 2019 super bowl commercials.


  1. M&M chocolate bar 

So starting off, a decent commercial. I know I’ll get roasted for this but I’m not entirely sure who the “mom” is. I know she’s a celebrity so at least I know that. To me, I could obviously tell that it was an M&M commercial because of their voice so I think I have a superpower. But all and all it was pretty basic so a little disappointed. (But Y’all know your girl is still buying 20 of those candy bars.)

  1. Audi e-tron

So this commercial was… interesting. My emotions were sorta going on a roller coaster. So, first I didn’t know what the commercial was but it seemed nice. But when they brought the car in I was like ok, this is just another stupid car commercial. But when I realized he was choking on cashew and I felt bad. It was a pretty good commercial. ‘nough said.

   3. Walmart

The Walmart commercial!!! I love this commercial so much. All the cars and background music. Gotta say 10/10. Personally, this was one of my favorite commercials. I loved how they brought all these old movies back together. Good job Walmart!

  1. NFL commercial

This was the all-time best commercial of the 2019 super bowl (in my opinion). Through the beginning to end, it kept you on your toes. I loved seeing retired players there like Peyton Manning. And most of all the best part is when the girl catches the ball. I really liked how they included girl power in this commercial.

So that was my review on some of the super bowl commercials this year. I hoped you enjoyed it.