Opinion on the New High School Musical

Emma Ross, Reporter

So recently my sister told me that there making another high school musical. And when I heard this I was excited but also a little upset because I would be excited if it was the same cast but upset if it was a completely different cast. So I decided to look into it.

I found an article from ‘Seventeen’ called ‘Everything You Need to know about High School Musical 4’ and this just made me shake maybe head. So first of all, it’s not a movie, it’s a tv series! I personally think High School Musical was one of those movies that was good as a movie. I feel like this series is just gonna be unnecessary.

Second of all, the series will only be on Disney+ (which is like Netflix but only Disney) and I honestly think that a little rude for the HSM fans. But Disney+ will supposedly be a lot cheaper than Netflix.

Next, they will probably have a whole new cast (except Coach Bolton!) Now I honestly think they’re ruining HSM.  Like no one can be as pretty as Zac Effron. It’s just gonna be so different and I feel they can’t even call it High School Musical. Plus, the characters are completely different but have small similarities.

Overall I am upset that there not having the original cast but excited to see the tv series. And apparently, it’s being filmed documentary style, similar to ‘The Office’ I hear? But I guess we’ll just have to wait!