“Story Time” Time: Kirby’s 27th Anniversary


Evan Tucker, Reporter

Ahh, Kirby. The fun Nintendo game (that’s personally one of my favorites) that deals with pink puffballs, cute enemies, fun power-ups, dark cults, abuse to loved ones, heavy loss, and sacrifice. So gather around the fireplace, because our fifth episode of “Story Time” Time is about the Kirby storyline.

Chapter one:

Millions of years ago, there lived a race known as the ancients, living on planet Halcandra. They were so advanced, that they predicted the meaning of life three different times. Being this advance, they built machines and relics to preserve their history. Some of which included a giant clockwork star that can grant wishes, a wand that brings dreams, a crown that can control matter, and a starship that can warp through space to name a few. Although, that’s more of a different story for a later time.

Kirby’s Dream Land:
King Dedede
the first game’s box art

Meet Kirby, a Star Warrior who must save his home known as “Dreamland” from the evil King Dedede, stealing the inhabitants’ food for himself. After defeating his minions, Wispy Woods (The evil tree), LoLoLo and LaLaLa (King and Queen of their castle. Love to push boxes), Kabula (the Flying war zeppelin), and Kracko (An evil cloud that controls lightning), Kirby finally defeats DeDeDe and foils his plan. Until next time…

Kirby’s Dream Land 2:
Box art

King Dedede has stolen the rainbow drops, disconnecting the rainbow islands! What was he thinking? Kirby ventures off to the dark castle to defeat Dedede and bring peace. But when Kirby fights, something seems… Off. Dedede seems to be… Sleeping? After a hearty defeat on the castle tower, a dark and mysterious force slowly creeps out of Dedede and flies away.

Dark Matter

The rainbow drops float above Kirby, to create a legendary sword. As Kirby grabs it, it shoots him into the sky to defeat the evil mastermind known as Dark Matter.

 Kirby’s Dream Land 3:
Box art

learning from his ways, Dark Matter attacks Dream Land as a whole and corrupts the inhabitants. As Kirby goes out adventuring, he meets many friends on the way after helping with their problems. After long battles, Kirby uses the friendship he gained along the way to make the Love Love Stick, proceeding into the heart of darkness known only as of the Hyper Zone. After a long battle with Dark Matter as a dark storm howls around them, Dark Matter is defeated using his greatest weakness of love.

That is until a being known as Zero appears from the storm and attacks! This gargantuan form of Dark Matter signifies one collective mass of darkness, being an amalgamation of hatred and rage. To symbolize this, he attacks you in weird and twisted ways, including crying blood on Kirby for an attack. At the end of the fight, Zero leaves a last-ditch effort and brutally rips his eye from his body to kill Kirby. It ends up failing, and Dreamland is in peace once more.

Kirby and the Crystal Shards:
Box art

Dark Matter learns from his mistakes on attacking Popstar and goes for the distant planet Ripple Star, inhabited by fairies and a powerful crystal. Wanting this power, Dark matter attacks the castle in search for this power, yet the fairy queen has already sent the fairy Ribbon to bring the crystal to a safe place. While escaping, the crystal gets attacked and shattered into many small pieces all over the galaxy. After landing on Dreamland, Ribbon panics and addresses Kirby, who decides to help her. Kirby and Ribbon grab their friends, Waddle Dee, King Dedede, and Adeline to help retrieve every shard in the galaxy.

After adventuring through many planets, they find Ripple Star. Taken over by Dark Matter, the planet is surrounded by a dark, sinister cloud, and everyone that once lived there is perceived as dead. After destroying the large mass known as Miracle matter in the castle’s throne room, the Dark matter is tossed into the center of the galaxy, and the newly formed crystal eliminates the last piece that was hiding… inside the queen? Kirby and his friends soar into the large star of darkness to destroy it once and for all!

Zero 2

When inside there, they find none other than Zero^2, the resurrected Zero that takes form as an angel of death, wearing a halo and giant, spanning wings. With the help of Ribbon, Kirby uses the crystal shards he’s collected throughout the game to destroy Zero^2, exploding the star from the inside. After quickly escaping, Kirby and his friends return back to Ripple Star, celebrating for their heroic vanquish.

Kirby Squeak Squad:
Box art

Kirby’s enjoying his well-deserved break, by munching on strawberry shortcake. That is until an unknown force steals it! After mercilessly beating King Dedede for thinking he stole the cake, the true culprits reveal themselves as the Squeaks, a gang of treasure stealing mice. Kirby follows their tracks until the Squeaks are cornered once and for all. Fighting Meta Knight for the chest, Kirby takes it to finally enjoy his cake. That is, until Daroach, leader of the Squeaks, swipes the chest away! As they open it, Dark Nebula appears and possesses Daroach by surprise! Kirby defeats Dark Daroach, and chases Dark Nebula to a distant planet, where they finish off their battle! The battle is really easy, for sure, but it’s a battle no doubt. When all is said and done, Kirby returns home with a gift from the Squeaks apologizing for their trouble. When Kirby opens the chest, it’s his Shortcake! Truly a happy ending.

Which leads us to the most plot-heavy game,

Kirby Star Allies:
Box art

Hyness, a powerful mage, is conducting a ritual to summon his dark god. By his side are the Mage Sisters Flamberge, a dying child he saved from a house fire, Francisca, a young girl saved from hyperthermia, and Zan Partizanne, another dying child saved from a deadly electric shock. They all value Hyness for saving their life, and Hyness loves them too, yet his dedication to his religion is slowly leading him to insanity. While conducting the ritual, something goes horribly wrong and the dark heart splits into many small pieces. One hits Kirby, but instead of possessing him, it turns the dark heart into a friend heart! With this new-found ability, it works as the opposite of the dark star and makes whoever it touches into Kirby’s friend.


So, Kirby ventures off, saving his friends who have been corrupt by the dark hearts on the way, doing cool Friend Abilities as he makes it to Jambastion; Hyness’s warship. Heading off into the ship’s heart, he confronts each of the Mage Sisters before finally meeting with the insane Hyness, who seems to not care about the fallen Sisters. He starts talking about his dark lord, and how his ritual must be completed. Then you fight! After a simple battle, Hyness gets unhooded, revealing him to a surviving ancient! Enraged, Hyness then takes the lifeless bodies of the Mage Sisters and forces them to do Friend Abilities against their will. Yet Kirby is too powerful to give up this easily! After a hearty defeat, Hyness accepts his fate and decides to sacrifice the Sisters and him to the dark lord, completing the old ritual.

Void Termina

Outcomes Void Termina, the god of darkness, with symbols and objects that reflect Kirby’s past. Vulnerable eyes surround his body, Kirby and his friends defeating them one by one. Eventually, Void Termina had enough and falls to the ground vanquished. His head pops off, revealing a gateway to a dark void. When Kirby hops in it, he meets against the beating organs of the beast. Kirby attacks it with force, leading it to split open in two. Finally, it’s the final battle between Kirby and Void Soul! But something seems off. Void Soul looks… Familiar. Like a small puffball with eyes and a mouth… Like a small pink thing with wide eyes… It looks like… Kirby.

Void Soul

Void Soul warps around the battlefield, switching back and forth from a Kirby appearance to a distorted Dark Matter. Kirby is inside the god of darkness now. He is facing against a being of pure Dark Matter, the origin. Eventually, Kirby attacks it enough to make it retreat from its lifeless host, and all of Kirby’s friends form together to perform a friendship beam (?), destroying Dark Matter from its root… For now…

If you’ve had enough, I’ sorry. But there’s more Kirby lore to come by. I’ll finish this story later… I need to sleep.