Ranking my Favorite Kirby Final Boss Theme’s for Kirby’s 27th Anniversary.

Evan Tucker, Reporter

Ahh, Kirby. One of my favorite game series of all time. What better way to celebrate it’s birthday than to rank some of the best things the game has to offer, the music? Let’s rank the final boss themes from worse to best.

Counting that there are multiple final bosses in Kirby, I’ll take my favorite final boss theme from each game and rank from there.

Dark Nebula


#21: This sounds more like a big buildup theme than a final duel. Sad, considering the battle before this was both harder and had better music. Come back later, Dark Nebula!

Terrifying Fiend

#20: I love this, but let’s be honest. It sounds more like a level theme than a boss theme.

Dark Crafter

#19: It doesn’t really sound like the intensity that it should. Better than Dark Nebula, but it’s… Fine.

Masked Dedede

Ordeal with the Masked King

#18: Sounds like a watered down version of the “Big Boss” theme from superstar ultra, with some Dedede. I’m not really a fan. Still works as a final boss theme, definitely.

Mind in a PROGRAM

#17: It okay. Sounds EPIC. Also, the intro is too long.

Dark Mind


Dark Mind 2

#16: I mean, it sounds kind of cool, but lacks the butt-kicking feel that boss music needs.


#15: I like this personally. The list is only getting harder from here, folks. My main problem with this track is that it doesn’t fit the boss all that well, and should be more in a minor key.

Dark Matter

#14: While this is a classic, it sounds kinda bland to me. It’s good, definitely, but bland.

Magalor Soul


#13: I love this theme, but sadly it sounds a little too cliche. I’m getting very nit-picky this high on the list.

Hyper Zone 2

#12: This song is outstanding. It perfectly captivates the feel of being surrounded in pure, chaotic darkness. Didn’t reach the top ten to its unfortunate repetitiveness, which honestly isn’t so awful.


History of Dedede

#11: Great solid theme. Has the feel of Dedede’s character pretty well. This is so low because… It could use some work to make it sound more like a final boss.


#10: This theme. This FRICKIN’ theme. It’s so underrated, especially with how low and lack-luster the Game Boy’s sound and storage space was. Please give it a listen. Barely scraped past the 10 mark due to its lack of Dedede’s actual character.


Drawcia’s Soul

#9: The artist’s of this song did an outstanding role of fitting a mad, witch soul attacking the player into musical form. The only problem is… It sounds kinda off. I know that it mostly has to do with the chaos theme, but it also strikes as kind of annoying. Whether or not that was intentional, the songwriters did well.

Vs. Yin-Yarn

#8: This song is incredible. That drumming is satisfying to my ears. I love how they incorporated older sound fonts from earlier games into this track, it gives it so much emotion. I guess my only problem is how it’s a remix of various other boss themes. Also, I just want to appreciate how this boss theme goes to a literal god that can make the ground feel like pants.



#7: Marx is my guy. He’s really cool. I just wish he would make a comeback (preferably a cool one) and this song fits his character so well. As I always describe this song, “Marx is as crazy as these time signatures. No, seriously, try to count them.” I guess my only complaint is that… I don’t think this sound font best fits this song. That’s it.

Nightmare Battle

#6: These next couple of songs are maybe the best in the series, just to get that out there. This one makes a MONSTER out of the NES sound chip that can make even NES music powerhouses like Megaman shudder. Very good, and my only complaint is the fact that it could use one more sound channel, something that isn’t even possible on the NES. So… No complaints?


Strongest Knight in the Galaxy

#5: Song is as cool as the character. Congratulations on getting top five. My only complaint is that it’s kinda bland also, but I don’t know what makes it bland. I think maybe a little of bass boosting? This song is The Strongest Rock Theme in the DS Sound Chip.

Moonstruck Blossom

#4: This is so good. Perfectly captures the essence of the possessed Sectonia, in a beautiful chorus of singing and orchestra. Very cool.


#3: This song fits the lore that it opens up more than the battle itself. The fact that you’re fighting an angel of death right from its heart… Well, it sounds like this. This song is famous for sounding cool. It sounds like a sad cry for help in a dark hell no one can escape from… As the boss you’re fighting is just a pure monster, just an animal made to kill. Rated E10+.

Astral Birth Void

#2: “Rise! Oh, Dark Lord of Despair! Crush the stars! Lay waste to care! Rise and cover the land in sorrows! May your symphony of emptiness bring the end of all tomorrows!”


#1: What do you expect? The epic battle them that started it all… Mt. Dedede is one of the few Gameboy themes that still holds up today as better than what most games have to offer. May We not forget the climactic rivalry that started it all. Thanks to 27 years.