Funny Senior Quotes

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Funny Senior Quotes

Charlotte Blackmon, Reporter

The end of the school year is approaching fast, and with the end of the year comes… yearbooks! So, since yearbook season is coming up, I thought it’d be fun to share some funny senior quotes that I found online. Who knows, maybe you have a sibling who needs a fun idea for their own quote.

  1. Well, I guess they’re not related.

We Are Not Related

2.  These two are, though. Hey, if you had a sibling you’d understand.

I'm Only 3 1/2 Minutes Younger... Best 3 1/2 Minutes Of My Life

3. Some kids really do have it tough, I suppose.

It's Hard Being A Single Mother, Especially When You Have No Children And Are A Teenage Male

4. When you’re trash but at least you’re not litter

Just Because You're A Trash Doesn't Mean You Can't Do Great Things. It's Called Garbage Can, Not Garbage Cannot

5. Ee ey ee ey oh.

No, I Did Not Have A Farm

6. He used that stupid lumberjack photo.

'Don't Use That Stupid Lumberjack Photo' -Mom

7. We all wish we were Megan.

Master Has Given Megan A High School Diploma, Megan Is Freeeee!

8. Come on dad. Please?

"No, Xenia, Your Senior Quote Can't Be 'fries Before Guys.'"- Dad

9. I have questions. And I’m not so sure that I want to know the answers.

Sometimes When My Neighbor Is Gone, I Roll Around In Her Garden And Pretend I'm Carrot

10. This guy does make a fair point though.

I Am Not Vegetarian Because I Love Animals; I Am A Vegetarian Because I Hate Plants

11. As does he.

Of Course I Dress Well, I Didn't Spend All The Time In The Closet For Nothing

12. Okay, this is funny. But uh… his name is… Dollar?

Ctrl + C , Ctrl + V

13. So uh… which is it? Asking for a friend.

The Next Quote Is A Lie. The Previous Quote Is Telling The Truth

14. The likeness is uncanny.

Honey! Where Is My Super Suit!!!

15. I-I just. I don’t know what to say.

Daniel And The Cooler Daniel

16. Pretty hard to argue with this one. I mean, not that I know him. But you can infer.

I Am Not Amith. I Am A Legend

17. In a world where yearbook quotes could only be a certain length, one man took a stand against tyranny.
100 Character Limit For Our Senior Quote? That Seems Unfair. We Refuse To Be Constrained By These Ru
18. I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed. Okay, no I’m mad.
That Wasn't Like High School Musical At All
19. ‘Goodbye Plankton, I’ll remember you when I’m writing my yearbook quote’ -Faith when she finished this episode of Spongebob.
Goodbye Everyone, I'll Remember You All In Therapy

20. I guess his high school wasn’t like High School Musical either. Can’t say I’m surprised.

Was Released From His 4 Year Sentence

21. Come on, Ilijah. Seriously man?

Nothing Can Seperate Twins...except That Guy

22. Oh boy, more Nguyens. Imagine if they went to the same school as the others…

We Know What You're Thinking And No, We're Not Related

23. Maybe I should try this out sometime.

Make Up Looks Pretty On The Outside, But It Doesn't Help If You're Ugly On The Inside. Unless You Eat The Make Up

24. However, if you don’t like water… I don’t know what to tell you.

If You Like Water, You Already Like 72% Of Me

25. Me to my friends after I win a game on GamePigeon.

*Flips Hair*