Some of The Most Bizarre Inventions Out There

Some of The Most Bizarre Inventions Out There

Baker Tuthill, Reporter

Occasionally, throughout the history of mankind, people will get great ideas. Ideas that allow them to create something so life-changing to the average person that the world will never be the same. Metalworking. Planes The Internet. And sometimes, people just have a weird idea that makes them laugh or a bizarre solution to a problem. Soccer Chairs. Ping-Pong Door. Dogbrealla. Today, I’m going to look at the second category of inventions.

Food-Cooling Chopsticks

I’m not sure why anyone would ever hang a small fan from a pair of chopsticks. Regardless of what I thought, though, it happened. As for how it works… well, I’m not sure. It looks ridiculous and adds an obtuse amount of weight to chopsticks that are usually supposed to be very light and usable.

Come on, try holding this thing. I dare you.

Phone/Computer Privacy Clothing

Even though my first instinct upon seeing someone wearing this would be to run, perhaps Online Privacy Clothing could be good. If you don’t care about looking like an alien, getting incredibly hot while using your computer, or having people assume that you’re doing shifty things online, this could be useful. Honestly, I think the pictures tell everything that you need to know about this thing.

Water Gun Umbrella

This isn’t a bad invention, but an outstanding example of what can happen when a couple friends get together with a funny idea and make it happen. This could actually be one of the most superior water weapons on the market. All you kids better snap it up before its gone.

Image result for Water gun umbrella
This could actually involve a lot of strategies.


Portable Pizza Pouch

As you have probably noticed, a lot of these inventions have a common theme: making you look bizarre. Well, as convenient as having a slice of pizza hanging from your neck may seem, it definitely follows this theme. The idea behind this invention isn’t that strange: a way to store leftover pizza with you for the road in a convenient place. Here, however, the solution is significantly stranger than the problem. I’ll leave this one with a joke: Portable Pizza Pouch? More like… Preposterous Pizza Pouch. Hah. Hah. I’m sorry.


Image result for portable pizza pouch
Just hope he doesn’t leave the pizza in there overnight.

Kooty Key

We all know one of those people who is constantly paranoid about touching bathroom doors. Fortunately for them, this invention satisfies their fears: and takes it a step further. The Kooty Key was designed to help people open doors and press buttons on ATM’s. While I personally have never seen someone who was so scared of germs that they pulled out a stick to make ATM transactions, I’m sure they exist. And the Kooty Key is there for them.


Image result for public bathroom door opener hook tool
Notice the handy button pressing rubber tip.

Ping-Pong Door

Ping Pong tables are often hard to find space for. They’re very large and take up tons of space. Making a Ping Pong table door, however, solves these problems. Now the table is not only out of the way, but it has a (somewhat) convenient space. While I’d like to laugh at this bizarre invention, I actually have to admit that it’s really clever.


Image result for ping pong door
Its so, so convenient.

So many bizarre inventions: who knows how many exist that we will never even hear of. Even more lie around only in concept. That’s where we, the common people, come in. It doesn’t take a genius to create a Ping Pong door, just a weird idea. And, sometimes, entire businesses are created: off just an off-kilter idea somebody had one night.