The Luckiest Lottery Winners Ever

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The Luckiest Lottery Winners Ever

Janani Sivakumar, Reporter

We’ve all seen the news of how the prize money for lotteries has been increasing drastically. And we’ve also seen the news of a lucky winner cashing in all that money. Here are some of the luckiest lottery winners, whose luck really worked this time.

1. The Investor

Joan Ginther won a record-breaking 28 lotteries. In 1993, she won $5.4M, in 2006 she won $2M, and then finally $3M in 2008 and $10M in 2010. Ginther has spent around $3M on approximately 100,000 scratch cards.

2. The Lucky Couple

Calvin and Spencer had won a $1M prize on the Powerball. They were overjoyed to find out they had won all of this money. With the luck they had, they bought another two tickets and turned out to win another $1M.

3. Scratch Card King

Occasional lottery player Christopher had won $25,000 on a scratch card ticket. He was excited by his win and ended up buying another ticket. Again he won another $1,000. Feeling lucky for the third time, he bought once again, another scratch card ticket, and remarkably won another $250,000. This brings his total prize to $276,000.

4. Third Time’s a Charm

After winning $100 on a scratch card, Torrez decided to buy more tickets as she claimed to be feeling lucky that day. Turns out, she was right! Her next card was worth $5,000. After cashing in all that money, she felt something much bigger in store for her. Torrez went out to buy a few more cards, and turns out that she won $1M!

5. Always Check your Tickets Twice

James Wilson bought a lottery ticket and completely forgot about it. The ticket was resting in his pocket for a whole six months until he decided to clean out all the receipts. As he stumbles upon his ticket, he decides to check his numbers once again and found out that he actually won $79,000. But what actually makes this story particularly lucky is that he only had three hours left to claim his price. He made right in the nick of time.

6. The Generous Mystery Man

After purchasing lottery tickets for 20 years, Raymond Buxton finally got lucky. He purchased a ticket that ended up being one of the biggest jackpots ever won. A total of $425M was won that day. He did not release any more information, but he announced that he will be spending a large portion of that money for charity work, child hunger, and education.


There are so many other winners as well, but these winners had their luck pushed all the way. I mean to win all of this money meant that they had to spend a lot of money as well.