Weird YouTube Kids Videos

When I was young, I got most of my entertainment from books and Scooby Doo. I had to go to HEB and get the DVD’s, as this was before Netflix started its streaming service. I didn’t have the instant gratification entertainment experience that many others do. Now, 3 year old kids DO have access to any entertainment they want. And that scars me. A 2nd grader could watch a Neo Nazi video and has access to some truly scarring stuff thats out their on the internet. A 5 year old could be surfing 4chan. Now I’m not saying little kids should be barred from the internet. It’s a great tool. But I think that kids from 1 to 8 years old should be heavily monitored. From then on, they can think for themselves and should have better judgement. But parents are just giving kids an i-pad and they’re watching videos with titles like “wrong shirt superheroes learn colors wrong heads and heroes costumes funny dances amazing toys kids”.

These videos combine popular kids characters in the title like a random smorgasbord. It’s engineered to get the most clicks possible. Let’s say you’re a parent. Your kid likes PJ Masks, Fidget Spinners, and Marvel Movies. You type that into YouTube and get THIS. You don’t watch the video, but assume it’s fine for the kid to see. But turns out, there’s something sinister lying on the surface. These videos are mind numbing, incredibly strange, and the further you go down this rabbit hole, the deeper you get. The more normal videos are usually teaching colors or something stupid like that, and they usually feature terrible music, weird GIFs, and the Dame Tu Cosita meme, for some reason. This is a typical video like this.

But they get weirder. Eventually, autoplay will lead you to videos like this surreal, off putting Hulk Flossing video. Then, things get positively nightmarish. You’re child is now watching THIS MONSTROSITY. 

And a few months ago, it could have been MUCH worse. Videos with titles like “Pregnant Elsa Education Fun Kids Spider-man Halloween Lightning McQueen Wrong shirt learn colors” began to invade. They were incredibly creepy, with inappropriate content, and sometimes startlingly unsettling images such as the Scream killer attacking Pregnant Elsa dressed as Spider-man. Another video involves Peppa Pig being given a dental procedure that involves screaming and heavy machinery sounds, with blood seeping from Peppa’s mouth.

Thankfully, these videos have been eradicated off of YouTube, but the less weird, (but still stupid and creepy) still remain. If you’re a parent, don’t show these videos to your kids. They are dangerous, creepy, and unsettling. Stick to Sesame Street or something like that.

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