Top 9 Unanswered Questions

June Jung, Reporter

There are some things that will never be answered… Some questions unanswered.. Here are some of the greatest mysteries our planet has to offer.

1. Space…

Is it infinite? Will it stop growing? Will it keep growing forever? What is forever?

2. What does death feel like?

Think about it – we’ve all heard of death, and maybe it’s even been personal, but I’m putting you on the spot this time. You’re lying down in bed, and you know you’re going to die in one second, what does it feel like after? I asked my parents once, they said it felt like sleep, the kind of sleep that it’s night one minute and morning the next. That’s scary to me – nothingness?

3. Purpose…

We’ve been born, okay, so… now what? Our only purpose that nature intended us to do was reproduce, so there’s more of us – but now what? What if the Hokey-Pokey really is what it’s all about…

4. How Long will the human race last?

We might travel to another planet, we might save the earth, but it will still explode no matter what. And where will we be during these events? Dead? Or will we have to live through these earth ending events?

5. Why Does it feel like Earth wants us gone now…

Think about it – all the animals on this planet have built-in flash-flood alerts in their brains, what about humans? Tsunamis, volcanos, earthquakes, floods. When does it stop? And how will we survive?

6. Why can’t math solve it’s own problems?

Don’t ask me!

7. What is the speed of dark?

I mean – it must be slower than anything – right?

8. What is Dark Matter?

One of the universes most enduring questions. What is dark matter, and how does it relate to the end of the universe? Only time, and serious science, will tell.

9. Are We Alone in the Universe?

Are we indeed the only living creatures out in the universe? Is it just Earth? Or are their little green men, out there, watching us?

I hope this article got your mind to think about all the questions and theories in our world. Who/What said our universe would suddenly exist? Why? I have absolutely so idea – because I’m no scientist, but hopefully some of these questions will be figured out soon enough.