How to plan the perfect party

How to plan the perfect party

Planning the perfect party can be exhausting, stressful, and difficult. But, if you have a simple checklist with everything you need to do on it, your party planning will be much more easy and quick. So I have for you a checklist of things to do in order to have the perfect party.


Three weeks before

  • Make an invitation list
  • Decide on a theme if you wish
  • Send out the invites
  • Plan the menu, remember your menu could be as easy as mac n cheese, broccoli, and strawberries

Two weeks before

  • Make a music playlist

One week before

  • Tidy up your house

Three days before

  • Decorate
  • Set up a place for shoes and coats
  • Set up clean up stations

One day before

  • Buy some nice flowers
  • Set the tables

Day of the party

  • Display food
  • Place chairs
  • Greet guests as they arrive


As I hope this did help you I also want to you know that not every party is going to be perfect. And that is okay. The most important thing is to have fun and that includes yourself. I hope you all find this helpful and hopefully the next time you plan a party it will be easy, simple, and quick.