The Worst Pokemon of Every Generation

The Worst Pokemon of Every Generation

Now, if you are keeping up with the pokemon company, you probably know that Pokemon is getting a new generation of new Pokemon and a region called Galar. I love pretty much all of the Pokemon that have been released, but of course, out of all of the 7 generations before them, there has to be a few flawed Pokemon that exist. They may be your favorite Pokemon or maybe you agree about how irrelevant these pokemon are. Maybe you even like how useless they are. I mean, I love Caterpie so much, that’s pretty useless! Oh well, let’s start the list.

Gen 1 – Spearow

Now, Spearow is very, interesting. It has an evolution, cool cool. Now what? It pecked Ash to death, so? I mean, it’s not a bad Pokemon, it just needs improvement, like Corviknight improvement. If Spearow were black and colors in the same pallet as Corviknight, it could have been its evolution, only with 20 years of, “That’s the worst Pokemon ever.”. The basic idea was cool but it never appealed to me at all. It seemed the most useless out of it all. I really don’t think a Spearow that will become a Fearow will be on your team for a league or elite four. Its cards are 40-60 HP and I almost never see it in Pokemon GO. Spearow, I had faith in you!

Gen 2 – Stantler

Now, Stantler doesn’t have evolutions or a purpose, just another deer like Pokemon. I really don’t know if it might get a Galarian form, which I hope it does, but I’m not sure how you could improve it, I mean it does seem like a pokemon that doesn’t need an evolution, but a pre-evolution! Maybe a cute fawn Pokemon that’s way cuter than Deerling. This pokemon, to me, has no hope of being cooler.

Gen 3 – Volbeat and Illumise

What even are these bugs? I really don’t know. I mean they are supposed to be fireflies, but I think they failed at the part. The Illumise sets off a sweet fragrance which then attracts Volbeat. Pokemon is trying to teach kids science! Not being sarcastic. This Pokemon still is pretty bland to me. The design is pretty boring, so is its abilities. It has ABSOL-utlety no reason to be on your final league teams, but Absol has reasons. Anyway, this pair is not too powerful and it has no evolution, and I don’t see any evolutions in its future either. Both of these Pokemon have 60-70 HP, still not the greatest, and not what it could be.

Gen 4 – Mothim

“It flutters around at night and steals honey from Combee nests,” says its Pokedex entry. So they are the thieves of the Pokemon world! Not cool! I also think is these Pokemon were to be deleted out of the Pokemon world, no one would even notice that. I feel like its a huge waste and we waste our Burmy levels just to get… THAT. I feel like wormadam is the only evolution that Burmy needs. Plus, Mothim has one of those shinies where the shiny is way better than the original Pokemon. I don’t know how to explain it but it’s just weird.

Gen 5 – Audino

Let’s be serious. This Pokemon is only made for Nurse Joy, and for getting girls into the game… It’s not even a fairy type. The only good move it can learn is a hyper beam. It’s not something you will have on your team to become a Pokemon master, unless if your other pokemon are so good that audino just needs to only bring down a half of a Pokemon. Pokemon’s goal with this Pokemon was to get girls into the games and expand their fanbase.

Gen 6 – Volcanion

Okay, Okay! I know this pokemon has a movie from it and that it’s a mythical pokemon, but I don’t think it deserves that much attention. Remember, my opinion is solely based on looks and other deeper meanings. This Pokemon is basically a weird donut with legs. A mad donut turtle thing. I mean, you could win the game with a Volcanion, but I don’t think that its design is so hot. Haha a pun, did ya catch that! Oh well, I still dislike Volcanion.

Gen 7 – Wishiwashi

Ok, when I was writing this, I got a lot of “No WhishiWashi shouldn’t be one of the worst!”. Too bad I made it seem bad, I mean it looks like it’s crying! That is extremely negative! Sure it turns into a shark thing, but I still don’t like that it turns into a shark thing. Even the shape of their mouth is sad. I like the design but, even the German agree. It legit means loser sardine in German. It gets teary-eyed when it’s in danger or even sad, that is one wimpy Pokemon!

So these are the most useless Pokemon to me. They are more Pokemon that got eliminated from the race of being the most useless. Did you know that, as of now, there is a new Pokemon anime series staring Ash and a new trainer called Gou and his Scorbunny? This is possibly a new start to the original pokemon animes, being called, “Pokemon” or “Pocket Monsters”. I hope it has more Pokemon to love and more Pokemon to hate on!