Best Video Games to Pick Up This Month

Best Video Games to Pick Up This Month

Hello, fellow (hopefully) gamers! As I’m sure most of you know, there are a ton of games out there. Whether it be Minecraft, a game on Steam, or even a game on the Epic Games library, there are thousands, thousands of video games that developers spent hours and hours working on. So, what game should you play? Well, keeping reading to learn about some underrated games(mostly from steam)!
**NOTE: Very popular and well-known games will not be mentioned, specifically Minecraft, Terraria, and Fortnite(ew). Other very well known games like Skyrim also won’t be mentioned.**
***DOUBLE NOTE: All games on this list are subject to opinion, and I’m just stating my opinion.***

5. Cuphead. Cuphead is an extremely well known hard game, but a fun one at that. At first, many people might rage quit, but after time and patience, you can get good at it. The bosses have many phases and as the fight progresses, the fights get increasingly hard. I personally haven’t played it, but you should give it a try! I know I will ASAP! It’s $20 on Steam, so maybe wait for a sale.

4. Rocket League. This game isn’t just on Steam, but on the PS Store, Xbox Store, and the Nintendo Switch Store. This game is very fun, and I personally enjoy it a lot! This is a multiplayer online game, and you can play with friends, or with random people, or just practice alone. In this game, you are a car, and the goal is to run into the ball and well, hit it into the opposing goal. There are different game modes and tons of different custom cosmetics! This game is a bit hard to master, but tons of fun for any gamer! It’s $20 on Steam, so if that’s not a price you like, wait for a sale.

3. Roguelands. I doubt anyone has heard of this game, and it’s not a surprise to me. At the moment, this game has around 20 daily players, but it has several thousand players. This game is extremely grindy and honestly is pretty hard at first. After playing the game for a while and understanding it, it gets fun. There are some guides on Steam for it, and I plan to make as many guides as I can because I believe that it deserves more attention. In my opinion, a great game after you downloads a patcher file to fix a lot of bugs/add a tiny bit of content. It’s $10 on Steam, but it could be cheaper on a sale.

2. Dark Souls. Let’s be honest, Dark Souls 1, 2, and 3, are infamous for being the games that set the difficulty of a “hard” game. These games are ridiculously hard, which is why they are so fun to many people. My older brother used to no-life this game just like we no-life Minecraft, and for good reason. This game has many different aspects, whether it be character creation, the super hard bosses, the confusing game when starting out, or just knowing what the game is. Definitely not a game you want to play casually, but do NOT forget to get this game if you are a hardcore player. There is a lot to go over about this game, so it’s best to research it yourself. These games aren’t as cheap as the others, so try to buy the trilogy pack which contains a whole lot more than it’s technically worth. The pack costs $60, but all three base games (not to mention the DLC, or remakes) cost over $60 already.

1. Stardew Valley. Finally. #1. This game is a awesome farming game. Now hear(read?) me out, it isn’t just farming. Farming just is the main way to make money in it. You can mine, fight in the mines, fish, have relationships with the townsfolk(even marry some of them), and just do what you want. The endpoint is completely up to you, whether it be to satisfy you long-dead grandfather by the end of the second year, or to have fully maxed out gear with an amazing farm, or to have a billion dollars. It’s up to you. This game is $15 on Steam if I’m not mistaken, and $8 on iOS.

Well, there you go! I hope I inspired you to pick up a game or two on this list, as many of them are meant to keep you entertained for a long time. Of course, I know about other games, such as Overwatch, Apex Legends, etc. But I wanted to bring y’all some games that people don’t know about! If you think that you have a better game, say it in the comments for other people.