Steven Universe: Future Has Been Revealed


Fan-favorite cartoon Steven Universe is officially getting a time-skipped 6th season! At a recent convention, Cartoon Network revealed the opening for this strange 6th season. It will be kind of like a spinoff series that takes place after Steven Universe: The Movie, so make sure you’ve watched that and read my review of it! (Click here to go to my review of Steven Universe: The Movie) It’s called Steven Universe: Future, and will feature an older Steven, the New Crystal Gems, the time-skipped Gems, and they have even teased a story arc involving Spinel and Jasper! I personally have very high hopes for this sixth season, and I really hope it lives up to them. I’m excited to see Spinel in action with the Gems, and REALLY curious about the main antagonist of the season. Also, Steven can drive now?! What?

New Villains

The leaked opening shows Steven driving the Gems to the beach in the style of the previous openings.  There’s a lot to speculate about, and so many brand new characters! The opening shows Jasper, some weird cactus monsters that look like they have Steven heads, enemy Lapises, a Gem that looks strangely like Aquamarine, and even some kind of weird giant caterpillar monster! I have no idea what this could possibly be, but a theory is arising in my mind that the Gems might be going on a road trip! That would be so cool! They might drive through a desert and get attacked by strange cactus monsters! Or something could happen to Beach City, turning it into a lifeless desert! So many possibilities!

New Gems

The opening also features many strange Gems we’ve never seen before! The villain shot of the opening features some kind of strange corrupted Diamond?! WHAT?! This new season has so much potential and so much possibility! I can’t wait to see the battles and songs. Maybe even… Stevonnie? New fusions? So much possibility! What if we get Spinel fusions? Lapidot? I can’t wait to see the new Gems in action! What about Lars and the Off-Colors? How will they fit into the story and affect Steven and his friends? And will we see the elusive Steg again? Rainbow Quartz 2.0? Sunstone? Even Obsidian? It’s overflowing with fusion potential!

The Risk

There is so much they could do with this season, but what makes it or breaks it is really Steven. If they make older Steven awkward, it’ll affect the whole show! Although there are so many amazing possibilities, unfortunately, there are also risks. The chances are low, but they could completely ruin the entire show with a terrible 6th season! Now I know that Rebecca Sugar is better than that, but unfortunately, there is always a risk involved.  Of course, we all have super high hopes for this 6th season. I can’t wait to see it! Its release date hasn’t been released yet, but it probably will be soon! I’m so so excited to see the new season, and I hope you are too! Stay tuned for more news!