The Five Coolest Expensive Pets in The World


How much would you spend on a pet? A $100? $10? Or how about $20,000? Or even a $1,000,000? That’s pretty crazy, right? But, people actually spend that much money on these rare animals. I don’t know if I would spend that much money on these beautiful pets, but I have hand-picked these animals to showcase for many reasons.

1. Savannah Cat $20,000

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So, I don’t recommend getting such an exotic animal in your home, even if this cat hybrid looks so cool. It is the tallest domestic cat breed you can get. They have a mini cheetah-like appearance and be gray-tabby, gold-tabby, gray, or even black-furred. It is a mix of the highest jumping feline, the African Serval and our normal, original house cat. F1 savannah cats are the most exotic and most expensive ones you can get, though keep in mind that these cats should be handled with caution and pros might be needed to maintain these beautiful felines.

2. Capuchin Monkey $10,000

White-Headed Capuchin, Monkey, Primate, Wildlife

I absolutely ADORE monkeys, so adding in the capuchin was a no-brainer. These monkeys are highly smart and are great human-like pets, so getting one feels like another family member. Again, I don’t recommend getting any exotic animals and most of what I said for the savannah cat falls true for the capuchin monkey. These monkeys are very sensitive and very aggressive with that. I recommend getting a pro if for some reason you are planning to get one. Do also keep in mind that these animals don’t live in dryer places like Texas, so it would be a very big problem to even maintain their environment.

3. Toucan $10,000

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First, let me restate that these birds will have a hard time living in such dry conditions, so Texas is not even close to suitable for them. But if for some wild reason you do decide to get one, chew on this: If the toucan can’t live out in a room or something, then it’ll need an enclosure that suits its needs which will be pretty expensive with an expensive bird, that needs expensive food and expensive toys and even expensive training. The toucan is just a loop-hole for money usage(not wasting!). Do know that by having a pet, you are “playing with an animal’s perfectly normal life”.

4. Micro Pigs $2,000

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If you are like, “Huh what the heck even is that?”, well its those pigs that easily fit in teacups and hats with more room to spare. This would be the only one on the list I would really save for since it is realistically priced. If you search these up though, it shows that they are scams. They’re needy for space, have horrible health and have short lives for a very expensive amount. Don’t get me wrong, I love how sweet they look, but of course, not everything is great about them.

5. Samoyed $1,500

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Now, this dog breed is one I would never regret to buy. Samoyeds are internet famous and are huge Pomeranians in my book. They are beautiful dogs that always look like they’re smiling, and have even helped the first artic explorers reach the south pole! But of course, there are downsides. Samoyeds are very independent dogs and have minds of their own, they also shed and bark excessively. Although all of the issues, I like this animal very much and they are also very obedient, other than them being independent.

Now that I’ve mentioned everything bad and some good things about all these animals, which would you buy? An adorable short-living lab pig? Maybe a fluffy, noisy canine companion? An exotic amazon bird? A beautiful and splendid cat? Or maybe you like monkeys who you can connect with and get bitten by? Whatever you like, again, keep in mind that you are basically playing with an animal’s life and that it’s a wrong decision to adopt wild, exotic animals. Owning a pet is no game! Though it is fun.