Game Review: Terraria

Game Review: Terraria

Alright, so this is a new series of articles that I’m going to be doing, totally because I’m interested in it and not because it’s an easy way to get a lot of articles. I will be reviewing games that people want (but not for this one, as I haven’t sent out a poll to check what games people want to see). Alrighty, so let’s get into this game review, shall we?
So there are several aspects of Terraria I love, which let me spend almost 700 online hours on Terraria. Here they are!

5. The building. There are blocks in Terraria, and you can build with them. Building arena’s to fight bosses, farms too- well, farm enemies and houses to look cool, the building is a massive part of Terraria.

4. Armor. The armor is Terraria is pretty unique, and class base, increasing the damage done by certain “classes” of weapons.

3. The weapons. The weapons are amazing and super unique, for the most part. There are several classes of damage, and each weapon deals damage in one of those classes. Overall, the weapons are just amazing!

2. The fights. The fights… are insane. Insanely fun! There are regular enemies, several of them, with most being unique. Then there are bosses, which each have their own AI and are (mostly) hard to beat. The fights, no doubt about it, make Terraria a fantastic game!

1. Finally, number one. The mods. Mods for Terraria are one of the sole purposes the game is still alive and doing well. There are many mods, and installing and enabling mods is extremely easy, and can even be done in-game. Mods increase the difficulty, add new content, nerf/buff content, and so on. Mods are amazing for Terraria!

So those are the most interest aspects of Terraria (for me)! A great game if you decide to pick it up, and it’s $20 on Steam.