Game Review: Cuphead


Welcome back to another Game Review! This time, I’ve partnered up with Joaquin and we’re each gonna provide our individual reviews in the same article to be compared and contrasted. Today we will be reviewing: Cuphead!

1. Graphics 

Cuphead has beautiful 1930s style cartoon graphics, making every boss fight look like it’s straight from an episode of original Mickey Mouse. Also, every single frame is completely hand-drawn. Every. Single. Frame. The graphics of Cuphead make it an amazing game to look at.

2. Audio

Cuphead has a jazzy classic cartoon vibe, with the music being different for every single boss. And there’s a lot of bosses. The sound effects are also stunning, and great to listen to. It very clearly exerts a cartoony feel, even in a game whose main enemy is literally the biblical Satan.

3. Storyline

Cuphead’s storyline is very interesting, and not something easily predicted. Two brothers, Cuphead and Mugman, accidentally gamble their souls to the devil, and begging for an alternative, they end up having to collect the souls of the Devil’s other runaway debtors, who you fight as bosses in the game. And man, oh man, did a lot of people gamble away their souls. Some of the more colorful debtors include a ghost train, a pack of giant vegetables, a genie, a bird, a rat, and a big blue slime thing. Certainly an interesting cast to say the least.

4. Gameplay

The gameplay of Cuphead consists of mostly boss fights; however, there are a few platformer-style levels thrown in here and there called Run and Guns, in which you run your way to the end of a stage full of enemies and other hazards. These are your main source of coins, which are very valuable and useful in the purchase of assorted perks and shot types. Each characters’ main weapon is a literal magic finger gun, the ability to shoot assorted projectiles from your fingertips, depending on which shot type you have equipped. The boss fights in Cuphead are extremely difficult and unique, with each boss having different phases and attack patterns unique to them only. Each boss is very different and exciting in different ways, some being fought on land and others in the sky in the form of airplane boss battles, which are very entertaining. Boss fights have two different difficulties, one being Simple, and one being Regular. Simple mode is usually missing a phase, or part of the boss fight, while Regular contains the full fight. Simple also is slower and easier, but Regular must be completed in order to receive the Soul Contract of the debtor.

Overall, Cuphead is a really fun game with a high difficulty level and entertainment for hours in-store. As a general one out of ten ratings, we would give it a good 9.5/10. You can pick it up yourself on Steam, Xbox and Nintendo Switch for a mere 20 dollars. Go ahead, we encourage it. Stay tuned for more awesome game reviews of games that you want to see reviewed.