Pokemon: Sword First Impressions


Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield released on November 15th, here are my thoughts on the first two hours of the Pokemon Sword.

About the Pokemon

When I first encountered a new Generation Eight Pokemon, I was feeling all the confusion you get when you start the game. Like, what even is a Rokidee? Or even a Skwovet, or actually, how do you say that? But of course, you always have to start with your handy dandy starter pokemon, either Grookey, Scorbunny, or Sobble. My tips on the starters(mainly on their looks), almost all the Pokemon I’ve seen in the two hours are weak to fire, and plus, Scorbunny and its evolutions are cool. I was going to pick Grookey, but it’s future looks… Let’s say that it looks unique, and the same with Sobble. Thwacky, Rilaboom, Drizzile, and Intelleon aren’t my style.

With Pokemon Games, I only Google up at what levels Pokemon get to. I also watch some Youtuber’s opinions of before game tips and other advice from game sites.

Story Line

The Storyline is quite bold to me. Your rival, Hop, is obsessed with his big brother Leon, who is the Galar champion, and Leon helps you out quite a bit. He gets you your starter Pokemon choices, gets you into the Pokemon Gym Challenge, and…(That’s all I played to). You also meet up with the neutral forms of the cover legendary and Leon “saves” you, Hop, and even the Wooloo that you almost sacrificed yourself for.

Hop is a very nice guy; he gets his first Pokemon before you and chooses his Pokemon to be better than yours, how nice of him, making our lives harder. He even wants you to obey his commands, or he will be rude to you. If you don’t get a new Pokemon in the scene where he told you to, he will be nice and know that you should’ve caught something instead of wasting your time on something else that could be more important than him.

Scenery and Music

I like how the game is set out. It’s beautiful and seems like a dream world if it were real. I wish it were real, though. It has very nice houses all around the place, your home is conveniently placed near a dangerous forest, and my favorite Galar Pokemon, Wooloo, everywhere. The world is also beautifully decorated with flowerbeds, cute Pokemon, rivers, lawn decorations, and more.

The music is probably one of the best parts of the game. Some of the music is remixes of previous game’s tracks, and some are brand new. My favorite track would be the one in the Pokemon Boutique, yes there is a fancy clothing shop for trainers. I wish there were one for starters too!

Is it worth the purchase?

Before getting the game, I saw many people arguing about how Pokemon said they were making new models for the Pokemon, but theoretically, they didn’t. They decreased the Pokemon to almost nothing(Why isn’t Absol in the game, Niantic? Why?). Here are some yes or no questions to ask before you buy:

  • Will this be your first Pokemon game?
  • Are your favorites still in the few Pokemon that cut?
  • Do you want to explore a new region, even if not with your classic teams?
  • Are you just wanting to know what this game will offer?
  • Do you want to see what Ash’s (The Up-Coming Anime) adventure in a different world?
  • Do you not care about the models being the same and Pokedex cut? (I know I don’t!)

If you said “Yes” to most of these, then you should buy the game, or watch a YouTuber play through the game.

Anyway, I cant wait to see what else this Pokemon game has to offer, but I do know that I will take it slow, unlike the people who quickly played through the game in the time of one day. There is just a different essence of slowly observing the details and finding every hidden Pokeball of loot. Slowly but surely, everyone will still be a champion either today or someday.