Disney Movie Morals

Today I am here to discuss some of my peers’ favorite Disney movies and what we can learn from them.

1. Lilo and Stitch is a perfect movie. As most of these Disney movies, this one, in particular, is a great one to watch with your family. This movie is fun and very exciting; it includes an alien experiment that becomes the pet of a Hawaiian girl. These two develop a long and lasting friendship doing almost everything together! This movie’s sweet moral is that, just because you’re different like Stitch, a blue little alien pet, you should still be treated equally, and Lilo, the girl, can have a stitch, the alien, as a friend even if they are different.

2. Hakuna Matata! Another fantastic and classic movie is The Lion King. This movie starts with a beautiful baby lion, later known as Simba. Simba goes on a journey with all of his family including his father, Mustafa, who starts out as the leader of the pack, his mother, Nala, Simba’s uncle, Scar, who tries to fight Simba and his father for the thrown, Zazu, a helpful bird, Rafiki, a wise monkey, Timon, a meerkat who lives in the jungle with his great friend, Pumbaa, is a hilarious warthog.

3. Another great movie, Beauty and the Beast. This movie shows that even if you look like a beast on the outside, you may not be like that on the inside. The creature in the film is very kind inside and wouldn’t hurt a fly. Bell, a beautiful girl with a sunny personality and poor town girl who lives with her father, shows that it is okay to be friends with or love someone who may not look like you on the outside but is wholehearted on the inside.

4. Tangled is a movie with a textbook kind of story. A girl named Rapunzel, charming and with very long, blonde hair, is stuck in a very high tower. Rapunzel is very curios because she has been trapped up in a tower for all of her life. As a baby, princess Rapunzel was stolen at night from the royal castle where her family still lives. Every day she looks out of the tower and wishes she could go out into the world, see new things, meet new people. One day a man named Flynn Ryder comes to save her from the castle, and they go on an adventure outside of the castle to see the world.

5. Brave, another great movie about a girl named Meredith. Meredith is an Irish girl with curly red hair, just like the rest of her family. Her outsides may look the same, but don’t let it fool you because she is a curious girl like Rapunzel. She likes to run and explore in the forest with her bow and arrow by her side. She will not take orders, and just like the title of the movie, Meredith is courageous. One of the high morals of this movie is that gender does not matter, and girls can do anything boys can.

6. The princess and the frog is a movie about Tiana, a princess who doesn’t think of herself in that way because of her middle-class life. Her dream is to open one of the most excellent restaurants in New Orleans because her father never got the chance to. Her dream plan is going right on track when there is a slight detour. Princess Tiana gets kissed by a frog who used to be a prince but got turned into a frog by an evil doctor. Princess Tiana then gets turned into a frog! But does she ever get turned back into a princess? This movie teaches the vital lesson that hard work and determination are essential, and always peruse your dreams.

7. Another great film is Frozen! This movie consists of two sisters and their love for each other that cannot break them apart. One great lesson this movie teaches us that independence is essential, and sometimes family is all the support you need. Another great experience this movie shows is that you should not keep your emotions in because eventually, they will come out negatively even if you may not mean them too. This movie may overwhelm you with many lessons, but it is also amusing, so make sure to laugh at the hilarious snowman, Olaf.

8. A true classic, Cinderella consists of a girl named Ella. Ella is given the nickname Cinderella by her evil stepsisters and stepmother who make her slave and do chores all day, and in the night, she sleeps by the fireplace. Cinderella has always dreamed of going to a royal ball, and she finds out her stepsisters and mother are going to one! She begs them to go along, of course, they say no because she “needs” to do more chores around the house, she does not have the proper outfit, and shes, “not pretty enough.” Then a fairy godmother comes and turns her raggedy dress into a beautiful blue dress that she eventually wears to the ball. But what you may not have known is that her beautiful gown will soon turn back into her raggedy clothes when the clock strikes midnight. Will Ella get back home before the clock strikes 12? Or will everybody find out her true identity?

9. Mulan is another excellent movie; i’d say, because of the critical lessons but most importantly, the experience that teaches you to be yourself no matter what others say and believe in what you think is right even if others disagree. In the movie, the girl, Mulan, a women warrior, wants to fight in a war in place of her father, who never could, but she knows that it is frowned upon for women to fight. I think that this movie is significant because it also shows gender equality and that even if you are a girl, you can still do anything a boy can do. (vice versa)

10. Last but certainly not least, Mary Poppins. This story starts with two children, a boy and a girl, and they’re always being a little naughty and can never keep a nanny for whenever their parents are at work. But perhaps they are at work a little too much. Anyways, one day, an ad in the paper goes out to all of London telling people their family needs a nanny. A few hours after that,  many nannies end up on the family’s front doorstep, yet none of them seem to be right! Finally, a nanny comes in that is perfect and gets the job. She starts working right away, and the kids can tell she is a little different and out of the ordinary, but they learn to love her and all of her magical abilities. In the movie, they go through many different journeys that you may never expect. This movie teaches that you should always strive for perfection, and most importantly, it shows that you can work and do fun things at the same time. It also teaches you that having a big imagination is not so bad.