The Mystery of MissingNo, One of Gaming’s Most Infamous Glitches

The Mystery of MissingNo, One of Gamings Most Infamous Glitches

MissingNo, short for “Missing Number” is one of the most famous glitches in the Pokemon world and even in the video game world too. It first appeared in the Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow, and yet it still lives on in the Pokemon video games that support Pokemon Bank or Pokemon Inter-game transfers from the original games. This glitch can ruin your save files and your whole game experience as it also corrupts the entire game. Sure, these games are pretty old, but the glitch is still there.

Was it made on purpose?

No, it was all an accident when Pokemon had to delete a Pokemon out of the Pokedex, but it got into the game anyway. Nintendo explains how to deal with it by just releasing it, but many people think that it takes more than that to tame that glitch.

How do you find it?

Missingno appears when you have individual letters in your name, and it’s found that the name ASH without quotes works best. Go to Viridian City and talk to the old man who will ask if you’re in a hurry, answer with “NO.” Watch the cutscene. The man will show you and then fly or surf either to Cinnabar Island and ocean along the coastline. After a little while, your screen will turn black, and you will encounter a wild glitch Pokemon( may or may not be Missingno). This also works in 3ds versions of all of the three games.

Here is a website that tells you how to get your best chances at catching Missingno

Here is a site that shows you how to find it quickly and in detail

What’re the benefits of finding one?

Well, first of all, it’s cool. If you trade it to a Pokemon Yellow game, it becomes three Poke-dollars (If you’re that broke), and you can glitch many Pokemon into weird places just by your character’s name, which is kind of cool. You also get 128 of whatever item is in the sixth spot in your bag, like 128 nuggets or 128 max revives, or even 128 master balls!

What’re the downsides of catching one?

Well, –

  • It can ruin your save files,
  • It causes permanent glitches to the whole world,
  • If you don’t find it accurately, it can freeze your game,
  • After gaining a level or being stable(read on) it turns into level 100, definitely a glitch,

And many other weird glitches and crashes.

Closing Facts

Did you know that Missingno is Rhydon? Well, Missingno can turn into Glitch Rhydon. Still, it will only happen when you put it in your box and if it’s not put in the daycare (which makes it stable, making it safer to use, battle, and trade) Also, a glitch type stable Missingno get is Bird/Normal, the bird is a glitch Pokemon typing. Even after, though, your game will be weird, but it’s still worth it having a glitch by your side!