Game Review: Minecraft

Game Review: Minecraft

This game was heavily asked for, by a lot of people. It makes no sense to me, since everyone already knows what Minecraft is, and probably have played it/heard of it. Minecraft has several aspects that made it one of the most popular games in the world, ever.

Exploring is a big part of Minecraft. Finding resources is very important, along with mining for those shiny, sparkling diamonds. It is called ‘Mine’craft, after all, and mining is a part of exploring.

This one is a no-brainer, being the ‘craft’ in Minecraft. You craft things with either your 2×2 inventory grid or a larger 3×3 crafting grid from a Crafting Table, you are able to make many things. From blocks, to swords, to buckets, there are a ton of things you could create with the right materials.

There are mobs, or, well, NPCs in the game. Some are neutral until provoked, some are aggressive, and some are passive. You fight to live, to gain EXP, and to ‘beat’ the game, so to say. You beat the game by killing the Ender Dragon, but there is so much more to do after that. You can kill the Wither, go explore the new End portals that appear, etc. Mobs help make this game the way it is! You also fight to get food, which helps you stay alive(obviously).

After all of that, which makes Minecraft an amazing game, there’s multiplayer! Multiplayer allows you to play with other people, from all over the world, on servers and realms. Most of the time, people use servers, but you technically can use realms for friends. Servers can have a variety of things, from minigames, to survival, to Kit PvP, to Pokemon in vanilla Minecraft. Servers help keep the game alive. The most popular server is Hypixel, with a large variety of games, minigames, and even Skyblock (albeit, very un-Skyblocky Skyblock)! Servers are a big part of Minecraft and are probably the reason the game is still so popular.

This is the last part of the game I’ll be covering. Honestly, I don’t play with mods. I prefer vanilla Minecraft, but mods are a thing many people like. Mods let you do… essentially ANYTHING. From having custom, cool, weapons, to having insanely OP gear(literally cannot die, and one-shot everything) that’s insanely hard to obtain(stacks upon stacks of every valuable resource from many mods), to just having much more to do, to having some QoL mods that increase FPS and make it easier to play like Optifine, there are many, many mods for Minecraft.

So you can see, Minecraft is a… not quite complex, but interesting game, no doubt. It’s a definite pickup if you don’t have it, whether on mobile, console, or PC, you definitely don’t want to miss having it.