Puzzle Palooza


Students at work

At CVMS there is a group for everyone. You may be into art or french or you love to journal. The CVMS staff puts together activities that students can participate in. To find out about the opportunities going on at the moment you can ask Ms. Stiles, the front desk, you can watch the announcements, or the best way is to find new events is to check your student Gmail. Puzzle Palooza is during advisory in the library. You have to sign before attending but it is so much fun. To explain more about this competition we interviewed an 8th grader, Lakshmi Bodapati. 

What is Puzzle Palooza?

“It happens during advisory, it is a puzzle building contest that eight people get chosen for per advisory. They split you into two groups to see who can build the puzzle they have that day the fastest. The puzzle varies by the date that the Puzzle Palooza is held.”

How did you find out about the event?

“I found out about puzzle palooza through my student Gmail, there was a google form that you can fill out and then you are chosen from there.”

What is your favorite part of it?

“I like the prizes that you get if you win, the atmosphere, and the challenge of solving a puzzle when the puzzle is timed. I like working as a team because the more people I am working with the more brains there are to problem solve.”

Would you recommend it to other students?

“I would recommend this to any student in CVMS that loves problem-solving. Not even if they are particularly good at puzzles, which is also important, but if you love challenges and competition this is the thing for you.”

Puzzle Palooza is a really fun event that everyone should try. If you love competition, challenges, or puzzle building check this out. If you aren’t sure, talk to current Puzzle Palooza winners to find out more information.