Photography in Quarantine


Things get pretty boring at home and many people are trying to find things that they can do which don’t require going outside. Photography is a great thing to do if that’s the case! All you need is something to take a picture of and something to take the picture with and you’re good. If you find something or someone to photograph, there are many photos you could take.

Getting Photo Ideas

I usually take pictures of my dog or any other animal I see so I’ll use that as an example. I usually find sitting down without a purpose just thinking is the best source of photo ideas. There are many theories that we come up with the best ideas when sitting without doing anything! I also find listening to any sort of music or watching music videos give me good inspiration because of how many creative things the set makers and producers can come up with. I also think going through the pictures you have already taken can be another source of inspiration. Maybe even looking around online can be a good source of inspiration!

Taking the picture

Well, this is where it’s solely up to you. Maybe you want the pictures to be dark or maybe you want them to do enough light, it’s all up to you. Just make sure the person or object is visible and it looks good to the eye. Do know that while taking the picture, you can always edit your pictures with all the technology we have. Even when my dog has some grass or something in her mouth, I can always photoshop it out later but always try your best to not make the picture to dark. Adjusting the light and other features can reduce the quality of your photos and make the picture less sharp.

When I was taking the photo I had to keep a few things in mind that I have to follow with animals like using flash is not the best idea, especially for pets with white or black fur, my dog kind of has both. Also, the flash can cause the illusive red-eye and we don’t want that. I just find it easier to edit the picture later than to miss the perfect moment while fixing your camera, especially with a live subject but there are many ways to take amazing photos other than my way.

Ending Notes

You don’t really need the best camera in the world to take the best pictures! Many people take such stunning pictures which their phones and other mini devices! Make sure you edit your photos well and don’t make any spots too bright or too dark. You don’t need to leave your home to take the best pictures either, simple objects can look great! Also, make sure your camera focuses on what you want it to, that’s something you won’t be able to fix that with apps! Keep that in mind and your photos will come out great!