The Odd Effects of Quarantine in Pets


Though a lot of people are struggling in Quarantine, people have noticed a change in their pet’s behavior as well. Maybe their getting cranky or are being less active. It could also be taken as things your dog does when you’re not home, but it’s not that. What your dog will do depends on the dog themselves. On a normal day, maybe they’re energetic or very lazy. Are they very happy or a little grumpy? There are many theories on what is going on through their heads. The theories not proven just yet but here’s what some people think.

A lot of people have noticed their pets sticking to them like glue and following them through the house. This might be the case for people who are worried about their loved ones or are scared about what’s going on right now, the pets can tell that’s whats going on and try to accompany you so that you don’t get stressed. But the opposite is also happening, many pets are staying away from their owners as well. All this can be explained by one thing, the change in our schedules!  Your pets would be expecting you to go out for a while and return but a lot of pets haven’t gotten used to it just yet.

Also, since we are home all the time(hopefully!) our pets getting some privacy can be challenging. Keep in mind that just like we need some alone time, pets do as well. It’s distracting or upsetting our pets, they would want to get away and have some privacy as well. They’re so used to us being gone for so long that they want it back! Make sure there are times in the day where your pet gets some time to itself and this should be fine

Also, a lot of people are working from home, causing them to sit in one place and not give any time to their animals. The pressure must be hard for those workers as they can’t be with their colleagues at the same time and yet they still have to get through to them and get their projects done by the deadlines. Now, I don’t know what struggles there are, but it would be time-consuming and a lot of pets do want to have playtime with their owners. Try very hard to at least have one play session a day with your pet and this won’t be a huge problem.

There are many other things pets do in this unusual time that we haven’t seen before. You may also be seeing the unusual behavior because you’re home more often and didn’t notice this before. Make sure you figure out what’s normal and what’s not so that you can take care of your pet and learn more about it. Try taking advantage of this time by teaching you pet cool and practical tricks. Also, make sure to bond with your pet and care for it well.