Movement in Video Games (CSGO)

Bunnyhopping a fun movement system in csgo that many more games need

Movement in Video Games (CSGO)

Advanced movement in games something that really needs to come back but game devs don’t realize how much people really want it. What is an advanced movement?

Csgo and bunnyhopping

You know in apex legends you can do crazy jumps or grapples with pathfinder that’s a form of advanced movement that something that isn’t just walking around and jumping. Csgo has a form of it called bunnyhopping now its a lot harder to do now than in earlier counterstrike games but there is still a community around it. Bunnyhopping is when you strafe from left to right while in the air that’s a very dumbed-down version of it but its a very fun and cool movement mechanic that the creators of csgo don’t want but like most games, people have found ways of doing it there are community servers that host bhop maps, which is fun but not the same as having a competitive advantage because you took the time to learn this skill.

What I think Gamedevs should do

I think game devs need to realize people like that pride of learning a new skill and being able to have the drop on somebody because you took time to learn it. Don’t do like what overwatch did and remove how you could use Genji’s dash to gain a lot of momentum and go super far just because you want your game to be balanced for new players doesn’t mean you should leave pro players who take time to learn that and just throw them under the bus you should have something that is difficult to do so people wanna learn it and get better at your game. I know no game dev is reading this but its something that I think more games need to make a skill gap for people to want to learn these skills so they can play better it creates a competitive advantage that leaves players wanting to learn new skills.