Minecraft: The Hidden Lore


Minecraft is a known as a very simple game. You mine and craft tools to survive as long ass possible and kill the two main bosses. It feels very simple and strait forward right? You would be wrong. Minecraft actually has a lot of hidden lore that goes deeper than our main man Steve may know. There are lots of clues that indicate there is more going on in Minecraft than we think. In this article I will be explaining, debunking, and showing different aspects of Minecraft’s lore.

Herobrine, real or fake?

Herobrine is something that probably very few recent Minecraft players know a lot about. Essentially Herobrine was said to be a glitch in the code and would appear after the player summoned him. He would look like your character “Steve”, just with dead white eyes. Some say he was really a glitch, others say it was canon, but both are untrue. Herobrine was a legend made up by players in the early Minecraft days, he was never officially in the game, and therefore can be debunked. People have added him into the game via modpacks which you can download, but still is not canon.

Ancient race of builders

In Minecraft survival mode there are certain randomly generated  structures a player finds such as a mineshaft, desert or jungle temple, nether fortresses, end cities, etc. These are all abandoned aside from some mobs that can spawn. They also indicate that they were once inhabited by an ancient race of builders, who are no longer existing, at least not in the overworld. It is said these builders unleashed one of the bosses (the wither) into the overworld forcing them to escape to another realm, “The End”. It is also theorized that the endermen found in the end are the builders who have adapted to their environment. Hence why there are abandoned cities in the end.

What are pillagers, illagers, evokers, and company?

In Minecraft the player comes across a race of angry villagers with grey skin, and agressive intentions. They have been a more recent addition to the game, so their origins are still unknown, but there are theories about them. One suggests that the Pillager race are corrupted villagers taken by the wither, other suggest they were outcast by villagers, and seek revenge. The Pillagers and company are very interesting, and have sparked a lot of conversation amongst theorists, and there is still a lot of game to be played. Where Minecraft will go with them in the future will surely be amazing.

Oh the places it’s going

Minecraft is still one of the m0st popular games in the world even after over ten years out. Plus there are still adventures to be had with major updates coming to the game all of the time. Who knows what kind of lore will be added throughout the years, and what it will tell us about this mysterious world. Until then, we have to make-do with what we have, so keep theorizing!