Do you enjoy strategy games? Do you like storytelling or writing? Or do you just want to have a challenge with a little bit of fun added on? Well, I’ve got the perfect game for you. It’s a hidden gem called Rimworld.


What is Rimworld?

Rimworld is a colony-building game in which you are in a birds-eye view controlling your colonists who have crash-landed on a planet. You tell your colonists what to build, what to craft, and what to hunt.

Now this may seem boring and by this definition it is but you have to look at it from a storyteller’s view, not from the view of somebody who wants to win. The thing with Rimworld is that losing can be very fun. It can be very fun to have your colonists all die down to a lone naked man with a sword and that’s the amazing part of this game is that anything can and will happen. If you want to make a nursing home for old people but just give them all swords and have a ton of geriatrics go at it in the ring, then go do it.

What is my Favorite Story?

Some of my friends from CVMS and I decided to make a colony in which we made ourselves in the game. After two days of making characters, we crash-landed in a rocky hill area which was perfect for building our base. Then we put down our homes and had a pretty comfortable life and everyone was happy. We were able to fend off a couple of raids in which we got really good gear. Our colony is still alive and well but we still must get off the planet with a spaceship which we must go find and fight for. This is a battle we are not ready for but hopefully, soon we will be.


One of the biggest things with Rimworld is the modding community. Have you been watching the Mandalorian lately? Well, get the Star Wars mod and make a colony that’s Mandalore and create a Mandalorian clan. Or if you want to reenact your favorite fantasy novels get Rimhammer or the Lord of the Rings mods and live in a perfect fantasy world. Anything is possible in Rimworld you just need to imagine and learn the game.


Should you get Rimworld? Absolutely, it is a hidden gem that’s a little hard to learn, but amazing once you can sit down and create your story. You will not want to stop, 100/10 can not recommend it more.