Rust review


What is rust?

Do you know that book Lord of the Flies? That book where a bunch of kids are on an island and must fend for themselves. Imagine that but a game but instead of free-thinking children it’s the dumbest yet funniest people you will ever come across in your gaming career and I’m one of them. Now, what is this game you may ask? It’s called Rust a realistic competitive survival game with intense player vs player combat and a very in-depth building system.


What do you do in rust?

You wake up on a beach with only a rock and a torch to your name along with the clothes on your back you begin to hit trees and rocks to gain recourses. You will be seeing other players on the beach all trying to do their own thing. You farm up enough recourses and are able to build a base there are many designs you can choose from to either huge bases meant for 20 people groups or just 2 people playing together. After you upgrade your base you have to put items in your tool cupboard so that your base doesn’t decay. Next you run to monuments where you can find loot and get scrap, which you need to make a workbench and to research stuff. Now you just farm scrap and research stuff on the tech tree or get those items and directly research it. Until you become the best players on the server


When do you beat the game?

I mean you don’t beat rust technically. A big thing with rust is that the servers wipe meaning on a certain day everything is gone there’s a new map and you start all over again. You may be saying oh well that’s no fun but its not fun if it went on forever since this game is so competitive that once everyone has really good items they are able to rule servers and when you try to join as a fresh spawn you won’t be having fun since everyone has the best stuff.



Rust is a fun game that I would highly recommend. You can do whatever you want and be able to either take it seriously or just be silly and mess around. One of the downsides is the very toxic community that plays the game but if you can take a couple of insults you should be fine. Other than that its a very interesting game full of fun moments.