VTubers are Actually Great

VTubers are something that will surely change the world of content creation.

Img. Credits to original artist

Img. Credits to original artist

Whether you love them or hate them, Vtubers are the future of content. I really enjoy VTubers and their streams but I know there are a huge amount of people that have come to dislike them for many different reasons.

What are VTubers?

Virtual YouTubers, VTubers for short, are real people who function as a regular channel but they use a 3d model to do their content. They may do anything from gaming videos, reactions, and types of videos a regular YouTuber would do. They usually do streams on platforms such as Twitch or Youtube but a few also make videos. They use a model that usually uses an anime art style.

The craze really became popular in Japan when Kizuna A.I debuted. With that, she became the first VTuber to inspire hundreds more after her.

What’s so Special About Them?

There’s so much that’s special to VTubers and the reasons vary by person. I personally enjoy their personalities and the ways they play into their characters. Most of the VTubers I watch have certain characters they must uphold like a puppy, detective, reaper, shark, and the list goes on. You can really tell that they have to be educated about their characters in order to gain their following. Another thing I enjoy is that they play many of the games I enjoy like Minecraft, BanG Dream, Stardew Valley, and so on.

But most importantly, they have a lot of talent. To engage an audience, they have to act their characters and find a way to entertain their viewers. A lot of VTubers also release their own music and sing on stream.

Why do they get Hate?

Many people think that giving the VTubers money is stupid and useless, as well as thinking that they’re getting easy money. My response to that would be, the fans aren’t simping, they’re supporting their favorite streamers and helping them pay their rent as any job would. Like any entertainment job, their money comes from their fans. Many VTubers quit their regular jobs and rely on their content to make money. It’s simply supporting your favorite creators to keep doing what they’re doing.

Many people also see one VTuber and define them all that way. As you shouldn’t generalize people, you shouldn’t generalize VTubers. There are many chaotic and loud VTubers but there are just as many calm and chill VTubers.

Many people already have a hatred towards anime and tend to hate anything within those certain art styles. Many people also think that the “cartoon” style means that the content is for kids, which can be proven false just by the number of adult cartoons in other countries of the world.

Those are just a few reasons people come to hate them and there are so many more that come from misinformation and rumors.

Since the pandemic started there has not been much to cheer me up but VTubers have really helped with that. I truly feel like the future will see a rise in VTuber popularity and they will become a very common thing on people’s watchlist. I highly encourage you to find a good vtuber and try watching their content. Who knows maybe you’ll fall down the rabbit hole?