Schoology vs. Google Classroom

Schoology or Google Classroom which one is better?

Schoology vs. Google Classroom

For the longest time I’ve liked Google Classroom more than Schoology, but lately, I’ve been liking Schoology more.

Key features of Schoology

Schoology makes it way easier for students to see what’s going on in class and it’s a lot more organized. My favorite feature is the built in grade book but there is one problem with it. Teachers have to synch up 2 grade books because we have Home Access Center (HAC) and the Schoology gradebook. But if you ever have missing work you can just click on what you have missing and it pulls your missing assignment right up. Now the user interface (UI) of Schoology is okay. It is much more complex than Google Classroom but it’s still very minimalist although I do like the Google Classrooms UI a lot more. Schoology lets teachers post class updates like announcing an asynchronous day or when a test is coming up. I really like this because not everyone reads their email but if this update shows up on my feed it’s a way easier solution to spread information.

Key features of Google Classroom

Google Classroom is more simple for students and teachers to understand than Schoology but that doesn’t mean Schoology is better. Google Classroom is free and so is Schoology but it’s only free for the district that pays for it. Because Schoology is a paid service it’s got more stuff than Google Classroom so I’d say Google Classroom is better for a homeschool setting.

Which one is better

I’d say I like Schoology more. I used to not like it because I really liked Google Classroom. Change is hard but you have to realize Schoology so much better for online learning and being able to organize online assignments than Google Classroom. I think we need to go out with the old and in with the new even if that means we have some difficulties along the way.