The Wonderful World of Comedy Anime

Comedy Anime isn’t just funny, it’s a lifestyle

The Wonderful World of Comedy Anime

Something about seeing anime characters crack a good joke makes me believe that anime isn’t getting boring. I’m one of those people who think shounen and shoujo anime both have very similar plots and formulas that make people like them but they soon get repetitive. Sure bad comedy animes can get boring as well but every so often there is a really unique one that becomes the gem of the season.

The Appeal

Especially with animes that have more serious and complex plots, a good sprinkle of comedy here and there can really make it better. Of course, this kind of anime isn’t for everyone as it has quite a niche audience. There are combinations of the genre with romcoms and action-comedies too but I’ve seen many people who just want their plots straight.

There are also many really serious animes that like to calm their audience down with some comedy, ‘Nanbaka’ is a good example of that. I won’t get into details because they are spoilers but when ‘Nanbaka’ gets into a tone shift, they usually add in some different stories or try to sprinkle in a bit of laughter.

When it Becomes Bad

Of course like any jokes, comedy can get boring or repetitive at times. Whether it is the anime lingering on one joke for too long or simply making bad jokes. Of course, the best way to avoid that is to watch three episodes and decide, or just read a couple of reviews.

There are also so many different shows that do well without any comedy since they don’t need it. Comedy is such a delicate thing not just with anime, because it can make anything bad. With people having different tastes in the comedy they like, I’m sure there’s at least one anime that fits it.

Comedy Anime I Enjoyed

Since there are so many animes that fit here are a couple I really liked (all of these are TV-14):

  • Assassination Classroom – It’s simple, a class has to kill their “evil” teacher before he destroys Earth
  • Cute High Earth Defense Club Love! – A gender bender on the magical girl concept
  • Monthly Girls Nozaki-Kun – A romance between a popular shoujo mangaka and a girl who has a crush on him
  • Nanbaka – These four guys who are in the world’s most secure prison and their ventures around it
  • Ouran Highschool Host Club – A story about a girl breaking a vase and “joining” a host club
  • Yuru Yuri – My favorite comedy of all time, the anime is just about a bunch of girls existing

As anime is a huge genre I’m sure there’s something for you so go check those out! You never know what you may find.