SNL: The 10 Best Sketches From Season 46

It’s not technically a sketch, but this segment from Weekend Update was definitely a highlight of the season. Bowen Yang’s snarky iceberg came on Update at a “very difficult time of year” for him to promote his new album, an “electropop new wave Disco Fantasia” called Music. But he can’t escape questions about that fateful night in 1912. Yang really gives this sketch his all, and that, combined with some excellent writing is what made it a season favorite of mine.

SNL has proved to be a divisive show time and time again over its 46-year run. Everyone you meet seems to have an opinion on when the show was funny if it ever was. I love the show. While it’s certainly hit or miss, and not everything hit this season *cough-anything in the Elon Musk episode cough*, there were some hilarious sketches, that I’ve found myself re-watching many times since the season’s end.  So, without further ado, I present the 10 best sketches from season 46!