Squid Game – Should You Watch It?

Squid Game is an interesting, unique South Korean show. But should you watch it?



Squid Game is an interesting, unique South Korean show that is filled with violence, emotional and heart-wrenching scenes. But should you watch it? Here’s the plot/games:

The main character, Seong Gi-hun, is a down-his-luck gambler who bets on horses for money. He soon gets invited to play a game that includes a series of Korean children’s games. He accepts the offer and is taken to an unknown location by a suspicious figure in a pink suit, where he awakes and finds himself among 455 players who are also in debt. 

The show features violence, betrayal, and death, as the players all fight for their lives–and for the money.

The players all go through a series of Korean traditional children’s games, the first one being a widely popular game: red light, green light. A creepy robot doll stands by a tree, saying “red light” which means to stop. When the doll says “green light” it means you should go. You have to go from one end of the field to the other before time runs out. But if you move on red light… you get shot by the doll’s laser eyes.

Players who survive this game go to the next round, which is called “Dalgona” or “ppopgi.” Dalgona is a game where you melt sugar and add baking soda to make honeycomb, which you then stamp a shape into the honeycomb and try to carve it out without breaking the shape. If you do break the shape, you will be “eliminated.” If you don’t finish in time, you will also be eliminated. 

The game after that is a famous game called “tug of war.” This game requires teamwork, a strategy, and strength to win. The goal of the game is to make the other team fall. If the opposing team, or your team, falls, then you basically die.

The next game is a marble game. You need to pick a partner and then you will play any game related to the marbles, and if you or your partner wins, the other person will be removed from the game (killed).

The next game, second to last, is called “Glass Bridge.” All you have to do is pick a glass panel–one will be regular glass, the other will be solid glass, glass that only two people can stand on. If you pick the wrong one… you’ll fall to your doom.

The last one is simply Squid Game, or ojingeo (오징어). The goal of this game is to push all of the defenders out of the figure (the squid-like figure drawn in the dirt). Killing is allowed in this game. 

If you win that game, you win the whole entire game and claim your 40 billion won prize. 

Now–back to the topic at hand–should you watch it? If you like violent shows, and if you’re able to handle the traumatizing events that go on (and if your parents allow you to watch it), then yes, you should. The plot is amazing, and you’ll root for (some) of the characters. 

I honestly enjoyed it, and even though some of the scenes were… let’s just say, not PG-rated, it really is an enjoyable show full of emotion, mystery, drama, and overall interestingly realistic plots/scenes. Just a tip: don’t watch it in front of your parents.