Top 5 greatest Pixar films


Top 5 Pixar movies


Everyone has seen at least one Pixar movie, and if you haven’t, you must be living under a rock. Here are my top 5, my best of the best.

5. Cars

Cars is an exceptional movie, and one of Pixar’s most iconic. The plot follows self-centered Lightning McQueen and he is going on to race at the Piston Cup in California against two of his rivals. On the way, he gets lost and falls out of his trailer, so he then winds up in the rural fictional town Radiator Springs. He is extremely eager to get to the Cup, but as he befriends the residents, racing in the Cup doesn’t matter as much to him. What I love about Cars is that it executes an uninteresting topic well, plus every character is fun and likable. Especially Lightning McQueen, who undergoes perfect character development and becomes a good friend to Tow Mater.

4. Luca

Luca is a touching story about friendship (and possibly romance.) When sea monsters get out of the water, the transform into humans, and when they get wet, it happens on reverse. 13 year old Luca Paguro is a sea monster, living in the beautiful Italian ocean. He befriends a gregarious 14 year old sea monster like him named Alberto Scorfano. The two play together for hours above the water. After an argument with his parents, they flee to the town Portorosso, and act as ordinary kids, while they plan to get a Vespa, so as a result they can see the world. After joining the Portorosso Cup, which is a triathlon with swimming, eating, and biking, with a young girl named Giulia they learn important lessons about the world.  It has a very strong Stand By Me vibe, with tons of hilarious and heartwarming slice-of-life moments.

3. Ratatouille/Toy Story

Ratatouille is a beautiful flick portraying the wonderful French culture of Paris. Remy, a rat who has a delicate sense of smell and taste, is living in filthy sewers of Paris. After deciding to follow his dreams, he meets Linguini, a clumsy chef who definitely needs help with his cooking. Right then after learning how to control his body, the two come up with delicious and delicately crafted meals, and learn a few things about themselves on the way. This movie is a poignant masterpiece, with touching scenes, amazingly likable characters, and so much exotic, rich culture.

Toy Story

Toy Story is tied with Ratatouille as my third favorite Pixar movie. It is probably Pixar’s most well-known movie, and with good reason. Toy Story follows Sheriff Woody, a toy that his owner Andy, cherishes. Woody is living his best life, constantly being played with and he is popular with other toys. Until one day, Andy buys a new toy, named Buzz Lightyear,  which gets him extremely jealous. He knocks Buzz out the window and Andy carries him away to his birthday party, dejected because he is unable to find Buzz. When they arrive at the pizza place in which Andy is holding his birthday party, the cruel next-door neighbor Sid captures them. This movie is a true classic. It is filled with lovely morals and for the first completely CGI-animated movie, it has pretty good animation.

2. The Incredibles/Monsters Inc.

The Incredibles, is, as the name says, Incredible. Bob Parr is an ex-superhero whose superhero identity was “Mr. Incredible.” He now has three superpowered kids, along with his ex-superhero wife. Annoyed that superheroes were presumed “dangerous” and were now illegal, he undergoes a mid-life crisis and tries to get back into being a hero. Finally, he is given the chance to return to his glory days when he is sent to fight a high-tech robot on a secluded island. Things start getting super incredible and super dangerous as Syndrome, an ex-fan of Mr. Incredible, starts to plot his revenge. The Incredibles is a fantastic movie. It is extremely entertaining, and it can be very emotional without trying to be. This movie is an absolute masterpiece.

3. Monsters Inc.

Monsters Inc. is an iconic thrill of a movie, that is loved dearly by many people. James Sullivan is a blue and terrifying monster who works at a monster power facility, energizing the city with the screams of children. He works with his one-eyed buddy Mike Wazowski, and they are the best scarers in all the land. But one day, a little girl nicknamed Boo escapes into the monster world to stick with Mike and Sully, which sets the monster world in panic. Eventually, Sully’s sullen rival Randall, a camouflaging lizard, sets out to capture Boo and use her for her screams to become the best monster. Monsters Inc. is hilarious, with every joke landing perfectly and every emotional moment hitting you in the heart. It is a true classic.

1. Up

Up is a truly a perfect gem. Carl Frederickson was a happy man, living with his beautiful and loving wife Ellie. When they were children, Carl promised Ellie they’d live together at the top of Paradise Falls in South America. Sadly, after a miscarriage, Ellie fell into a deep depression, but it was quickly taken away by love from Carl. They grew old, and Ellie started to get sick. Ellie passed away. A few years later, Carl tied lots of balloons to his house to carry he and “Ellie” away to Paradise Falls. Oddly enough, he was greeted by a visitor, the happy-go-lucky young Boy Scout Russel tagged along. Much to our surprise, he wasn’t too happy, as once Ellie had died he had become a cynic. Along the way, they met a talking dog, an exotic South American bird, and Carl’s childhood hero with slightly malicious intentions. This is the most emotional movie I have ever seen. It is the only movie that has ever made me cry. This is such a touching and beautiful masterpiece and it is so emotional. Watch Up. Please.


So that’s my top 5. And remember, that is just my opinion. Have a good day!