So what makes school so great?

is school even good?


How do I enjoy school?

A lot of people don’t like school. Mostly because of  all the stressful stuff- teachers, left and right, expecting grades and work on time with high quality content and thoughtfulness. Which,  normally I’d be completely ok with…. If it wasn’t for the fact that we all have 8 classes a day throwing homework at us. So, even though we have all this stress, is there still a way to enjoy school?


I say yes. Although it’s often a bit of a delicate balance. Keeping up with work enough to stay de-stressed, but not obsessed to the point where you don’t have time for anything fun. Stretching the rules enough to feel free and have an interesting day, but not to the point where you get on the bad side of any teachers.

A good part of staying in the balance is your friends! Sure, you’re fighting the battle of school, but you get your own army. These people are here to show you fun and chaos, how to do algebra in standard forum, or whatever you need! Your friends are there to support you!

Living outside the box.

..And if School still seems boring or stressful, live outside of the box- try new things! Start a war on whether heath bars are good or not! win a debate that wheat is a fruit, find a secret staircase. go wild! Do something that you would tell your grandchildren about, some wild story about how you single-handedly started a cult uprising. Do something that would make coming to school every day the most exciting thing ever- because you can’t wait to figure out the best way to make a crown out of rubber ducks. Start an afterschool club dedicated to making boring late homework fun!

The day is yours, so what are you still doing here?! go seize it!!