Whiteboard Art: The New Art Medium?

A short but sweet article on an underrated art medium.


A new medium that you’ve never heard of- or maybe you’re heard of all the time!!! After all, students do like to crowd around whiteboards. They often write or sketch whatever they want to get a laugh out of their peers.

But have you ever tried making actual art out of it?

As originally intended for learning purposes, whiteboards were often just dismissed as child’s-play, or maybe just a tool to do math on. Sometimes just blatantly not thought of at all. However, I think it’s deserved to be taken seriously. I’ve been experimenting and based on the pure vibrant colors and crisp lines, I think this could be a highly useful art medium!

Even things like realism can be made on a whiteboard, and it’s an excellent art medium to practice crosshatching, simple shading, gradients, (using the blotting technique), and much more! You can even get the tiniest details by using a pencil without led, (or just something pointy) and using that to erase some parts. For example, I used a pencil for the highlights on this tiny eye, and it made it look like I drew it on a much bigger scale than I actually did!



Whiteboard art is also great for small details! This drawing is no bigger than a penny.








So If you’re one of the many artists that are looking for inspiration- or maybe just something creative that’ll make you stand out from the crowd? Try picking up a whiteboard for once!! You never know what you might make- I’ve made a whole range of drawings: from birds to cats to fairy lights and plants, there’s nothing you can’t draw with a whiteboard and some good expo markers. give it a try!

There are only a few people that recognize the opportunity of whiteboards, and I intend for there to be many more.