Apple iPhone, Pros & Cons

The Apple iPhone is known for its elegant design and user-friendly features, but there is no perfect phone and before you go shopping for your dream iPhone it is important to know just what you’re buying.


       The Apple iPhone is known for its elegant design and user-friendly features.  You can find all the latest Apple products in the Apple stores, and you often end up leaving the Apple Store with more than you thought you needed.  The Apple iPhone comes with so many great features, users don’t even think twice about switching to another phone carrier.  However, there is no perfect phone and before you go shopping for your dream iPhone it is important to know just what you’re buying.



Privacy Prioritized

Apple holds its security at a high standard, constantly updating and refining its ID technology.  Even the FBI has admitted that an advanced-level hacker is needed just to unlock a confiscated iPhone.  Apple users can jump on the internet without any hassle or worry about getting hacked or downloading a virus, because of Apple’s state-of-art firewall.  Sometimes, it can feel like Apple’s security is too good, especially when you forget your password.


iCloud Accessibility

Though the Apple iPhone comes with many perks, the best perk would have to be the iCloud. iPhone users have the ability to sync all their Apple devices through the iCloud, and run programs across devices seamlessly.  Through AirDrop, Apple users can easily send each other digital items in seconds, which would otherwise take hours and multiple messaging platforms.


Gadgets & Accessories

Apple does a great job of hooking in its buyers with the latest accessories and gadgets, from new headphones and earbuds monthly to an Apple IOS update at least yearly.  Products like ApplePay, the Appstore, and even FaceTime make it hard for Apple users to imagine a world without their Apple phones.  Airpods and other BlueTooth Apple Products are some of Apple’s most popular phone accessories, so much so that Apple removed the headphone jack on most of their phones.


Excellent Camera Quality

If you couldn’t already tell from the three different lenses on the latest Apple iPhone, Apple is known for having picture-perfect camera quality.  Apple comes out with a better new camera almost every year, and it seems we’re all just waiting for the day when the iPhone has cameras covering the whole back of the phone.



Pricey Products

It’s a known fact that Apple iPhones are extremely expensive, even iPhones from a few years ago cost much more than the newest products of Apple’s competitors.  Apple products aren’t always the most durable making an Apple iPhone a risky investment depending on how much of a butterfingers you are.  However, it could be said that “You get what you pay for”, and that the extra expense comes with the sleek design and cool features.  


Limited Storage

Running out of space is a common worry among Apple iPhone users, which isn’t as much of a worry with other phone brands.  Data on an iPhone is not free and iPhone users often have to buy newer products with more storage space when they run out of data.  Along with the already small storage space, much of the iPhone storage is taken up by apps and other preloaded device programs.


Small Platform

Any Apple user who has tried to connect to a Samsung user knows the pain that comes with green text bubbles and grainy video quality.  Though the Apple iPhone connects great with other Apple devices through the “Apple Ecosystem”, Apple is extremely limited when it comes to connecting to other devices that are OS rather than iOS.  Large transfers between OS devices and Apple iOS often take a very long time to download and have very low quality.  Believe it or not, this is actually a marketing scheme to encourage more customers to buy more Apple products.


Limited Shelf Life

Not only are Apple products very expensive, but they are very easily damaged and expensive to repair as well.   It is a known fact that the hardware of Apple iPhones is not the best quality, and no one is surprised when the screen of an iPhone shatters.  Repairs can be made at the Apple Store, but most customers would rather buy a newer iPhone than pay a large expense for a dying model.  With every Apple update, older iPhones become more and more redundant, forcing even the most careful Apple iPhone users to buy a new phone.


      Now you know the Pros and Cons of the Apple iPhone.  The topmost common and agreeable pros and cons from the opinion of the internet, companies, and everyday people.  Do the pros outweigh the cons or are the cons of an iPhone just too much?  Or perhaps the price tag of an iPhone is simply too much to even consider buying.  Personally, I think the pros override the cons, and the great software makes up for the lack of permanence.  It seems that with every new Apple update, we get closer to the perfect iPhone.