Old: Movie Review

A review of M. Night Shyamalan’s newest movie, Old.

Old is M. Night Shyamalan’s newest movie. The movie’s plot is very good, and original, but the acting is sort of dry. The story is basically about these families going to this beach because they were invited to go, and the beach made them grow older rapidly, so basically, every minute equaled an hour (or more). It has good potential, and it truly is a thriller, but some of it is illogical, even though it’s supposed to be fictional. But how come they didn’t have service when they’re literally near civilization? Also why didn’t their hair grow, or their nails because they normally grow over time?

I feel like they didn’t explain much in this movie as to why or how this happened (like they explained some of it at the end, but not all of it was explored). It felt kind of slow, and then it felt kind of hurried at the end. I feel like this wouldn’t be worth anyone’s time if you went to the movies and watched it, but watching it at home saves you some money and leaves you to wonder why you even watched it at all.

I’m not saying this movie is bad, I’m just saying the concept was really good and unique, but it was poorly executed, and illogical at some points. It was disturbing too, how the lady with osteomalacia basically just killed herself in the worst way possible, and how they portrayed people with schizophrenia–which was wrong, to be honest. The movie itself wasn’t half bad, but again, the acting was kinda dry, everything could’ve be executed way better, and they could’ve gone more into depth with how they were trying to use this test as cures for disabilities.

Overall, it could’ve been better not gonna lie, but it was a pretty good movie, as expected from M. Night Shyamalan.