Opinion: Pop music is bad

Pop music is mediocre.


You’re driving to school, and you put on the radio. You’re prepared to hear your favorite tunes as you wait. Suddenly… Levitating plays. Some may groan, and some may cheer. I leap out the car window.

Personally, and this is only my opinion, pop music is trash. I just don’t like it. But you may be asking, unknown reader, why? Why would I not like the masterpiece that is pop music? Well, I’ll explain.

The simplicity

Pop music is, or at least can be, very simple. A recurring trend I’ve noticed with it is that it is full of catchy beats. This is intentional. The purpose of this catchiness is so that people will remember the song. People listen to a song, and they expect to enjoy it. But with the repetitive lyrics, and/or beat, people will listen and they won’t be able to get it out. Because of this, they listen to it more, and more, and it becomes popular. But it is simple. As stated, it is repetitive, with lyrics and choruses that repeat and beats that feel like they can’t get out of your head. Take, for instance, Dance Monkey. The song has repeating lyrics, which enter your mind, and with the repetitive lyrics, you also remember the beat and vice versa. It’s clever, but it annoys the heck out of me.

The lyrics

Lyrics in pop music can be quite simple. A common topic is love. This is because lots of people may find the topic relatable, as they might be in a relationship. You can find pain in love or joy in love. But it is also, quite repetitive. It can be quite boring, with the same ideas of love, hate, and breakup. The inability to make creative and different lyrics causes me to dislike this part.

Well, thank you for reading. As always, this is my opinion, and if you like pop music, great! You can enjoy something I can’t. Tell me what YOU think about pop!