Tigers: An Endangered Species

Tigers: An Endangered Species

Today it is estimated that only 3890 wild tigers are left worldwide. It will take 12 years for tigers to finally be extinct.

What is a tiger?

Tigers “panthera tigris” is the largest of Asian cat species. It weighs about 220-660 pounds and is 6-10 feets long.

Why are tigers an endangered species?

The first reason is that humans compete with the tigers for land. It is unfortunate but tigers live in the most populated places in the world. Tigers need in order to survive water, food to hunt, and vegetation to hide in. Rainforest, forest, and grasslands are the main habitat of the tiger but their habitat is being destroyed. Without wilderness, tigers cannot survive. Competition is also a problem. Since tiger has to compete with the human they have less and less time to hunt so they have less to eat which results in starvation. Illegal hunting is also one of the major problems tiger faces. Tiger bones, skin, and meat are sold in markets for Asian medicine that has not proven to be working. In protected areas, 50% of tiger deaths are due to illegal hunting. Climate change is also affecting tiger. When sea level rise due to climate change tiger’s habitat is being destroyed.

How to protect tigers?

Most people fear tiger attacks on livestock in India and continue to kill tigers. Stronger laws and penalties may need to be enforced since the one currently established aren’t enough to stop the tiger killing industries. There is not much you can do as a person.