Everything You Need to Know About The Invisible Box Challenge


Rachel Iyer, Reporter

You may have heard of The Invisible Box Challenge also known as building up the Legos. In the challenge you must step on an invisible box and jump over it. Texas cheerleader, Ariel Olivar is known as THE master of this challenge.

The Today Show reached out to Ariel and asked her how she did it. According to Ariel you first have to make sure show everyone that there is no box there by waving your legs out in front of you. Next you pat the top of your “box”, it should be about a foot off the ground. Next you remove your hand but remember where it was. Then you place one of your feet on where you hand was. Now for the trickiest part, you must jump over the box keeping the foot on top of the box in the exact same place as you jump over the box. Remember the foot that you are jumping with (the foot that is not on top of the box) has to go above the box and your foot that is on top of the box.

This Challenge went viral over the Internet and many tried to recreate this near impossible challenge. There are now even compilations of the Invisible Box challenge.  A few did succeed Including football player, Dontez Hines. Hines is also seen as a master of this challenge. Makes you wonder, Is it an athlete thing? This trick does involve most of your body.

I have seen many people trying to recreate this trick around our school but I Haven’t  seen anyone succeed at it in person “It looks very difficult to do and I don’t think many people can do it,” Austin Nguyen (8) said.

As always there are some skeptics out there who think The Invisible Box challenge is fake. They think that there actually is a box that was photoshopped out of the video.