Kpop Culture – 12/21/2017

Kpop Culture - 12/21/2017

Erith Won, Reporter

It’s been a pretty long time since I wrote my first ‘This Week In Kpop Culture’ article. A lot has happened since then, and I’m here to cover some of those events. The first thing we should do, however, is have a moment of silence for Jonghyun. I wasn’t a big fan of Shinee, but I listened to and knew most of their songs, and it was saddening to hear about Jonghyun’s death.

Well, there’s been quite a few comebacks in the past two months.

Comebacks of Male Artists(They aren’t in chronological order):

  • VAV – She’s Mine
  • BTOB – Missing you(It was released the day the ‘This Week In Kpop Culture’ article was published.)
  • ASTRO – Crazy Sexy Cool
  • A.C.E. – Callin’
  • JBJ – Fantasy
  • Taemin – MOVE
  • Super Junior – Black Suit
  • Highlight – Can Be Better
  • Monsta X – Dramarama
  • Block B – Shall We Dance
  • Wanna One – Beautiful
  • Samuel – Candy
  • Day6 – I Like You
  • B.A.P – HANDS UP
  • Taemin – Day and Night

Comebacks for Female Artists(They aren’t in chronological order, either):

  • Red Velvet – Peek-A-Boo
  • TWICE – Likey
  • PLAYBACK – Want You To Say
  • EXID – DDD
  • TWICE – Heart Shaker
  • Lovelyz – Twinkle
  • Hyuna – Lip & Hip
  • Taeyeon – This Christmas

There were many other comebacks, like KARD’s You In Me and Trust Me. Also, due to Jonghyun’s passing, TWICE’s Merry & Happy MV release has been delayed until tomorrow, December 22nd. Last thing is that instead of having the title be ‘This Week In Kpop Culture’ I’m going to change it to just ‘Kpop Culture’. Thank you, and see you next time!